Free e-resource for supervisors

From Supervising for Safety

From Supervising for Safety

Today we have more ways than ever to share what we know. The web and social media make it easy to work with others to create change and exchange information that has social value.

A great example of this is a new, free e-learning resource from WorkSafeBC: Supervising for Safety, a nine-module online course for supervisors.

The program originated with a group of labour, businesses, and WorkSafeBC subject-matter experts – all who understand the challenges faced by new supervisors.

I emailed Mike Tasker to find out more. He’s a WorkSafeBC safety officer based in Prince George and one of the program’s co-creators.

“When we talk to supervisors, many recount stories of fear when they took over. They talk about how scared they were of making a mistake and not really knowing where to turn when they had questions or problems,” Mike said.

“All too often a company will promote a long-term or productive worker thinking that he/she will automatically be an effective supervisor. But from our experience and from talking to other supervisors, we know that for most they flounder a lot in their first years – some for longer than that.”

Info delivery evolves with technology

Mike and others at WorkSafeBC responded to this need and created a two-day course that was delivered in person. Then they distilled the knowledge into an info-flip that became a top seller. Now, the new e-course is the latest manifestation of this knowledge sharing.

“We decided that we should broaden the access to the information and take it into the age of web-based communication,” Mike said. “We believe that if a company is going to be successful in safety, the key is to invest in their supervisors. We’ve often said that the employer sets the safety vision, but the supervisor gives voice to that vision.”

The e-course’s nine modules include:

  1. Safety Management Systems
  2. Keys to Effective Safety Supervision
  3. Communication Skills
  4. New/Young Worker Education and Training
  5. Substance Abuse
  6. Musculoskeletal Injury Reduction
  7. Workplace Evaluations
  8. Incident Analysis
  9. Claims and Disability Management Programs

Mike told me the online program – launched in September – has had interest from “around the world.” Stay tuned for news from a supervisor who used the online program and speaks very highly of it. If you’ve used the program, I’d be very interested to hear your view so please leave a comment here or email me.


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