Halloween safety tips

What should I be for Halloween 2016? It’s a big question this time of year, for many kids and adults alike.

Photo by Susan Main

Some people plan ahead, while others go for last-minute Halloween costumes, but whatever your approach may be, it’s most important to stay safe.

Please read these Halloween safety tips, and share them with your family, friends, and community.

Choose a safe Halloween costume

It’s important to choose a Halloween costume that keeps you as visible as possible. If the costume isn’t light-coloured or bright, add reflective tape or arm bands.

Here are some other tips (among many) offered by the B.C. RCMP:

* Wear a costume that is properly fitted to reduce the chance of tripping on it

* Select a costume that is constructed from flame-retardant materials

* Shoes should fit properly even if they do not go well with a costume

Be careful crossing the street and driving your vehicle

See ICBC’s top 8 Halloween safety tips for parents and drivers, which include:

* Don’t text while driving or walking (important all year)

* Keep an eye out for hard-to-see costumes

* Drive slowly and with extra caution

* Establish a walking route in advance and stay on the sidewalk

Photo by Susan Main

Carve your pumpkin with care

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand offers tips for Pumpkin carving safety. Here are a few of them:

* Carve in a clean, dry, well-lit area

* Ask kids to draw the face and get adults to carve it

* Use the small saw in a pumpkin-carving kit – not a super-sharp knife

Keep Halloween food safety in mind

Health Canada reminds us to:

* Make sure kids have a good meal before they go trick-or-treating

* Tell kids not to eat candy or treats until an adult at home has made sure they’re are safe

* Look out for foods that could be choking hazards

Keep your pets safe

Here are some Halloween safety tips for pets from the B.C. SPCA:

* Don’t feed your pets candy, especially chocolate, which can be toxic to them

* Keep your pets inside

* If your pets are scared of fireworks and other loud noises, reassure them by staying calm and distracting them

Links to even more Halloween safety tips

Halloween Safety – from the Canadian Red Cross

Make this a fun and safe Halloween – from BC Children’s Hospital

Ten Halloween safety tips – from the Canada Safety Council

Top five Halloween safety tips – from Consumer Protection BC

Halloween safety: Tips for families – from the Canadian Pediatric Society

Halloween safety: Tips for trick-or-treaters – from the Mayo Clinic

Halloween safety – from the Canadian Association of Optometrists

Anything to add?

Please add your own safety tips (or links to them) in the Comments below.


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