• Personal Stories

    • Photo of man carrying extension ladder in front of house
      Don’t let a ladder knock you down

      Please use caution when carrying ladders through passageways, doorways, or any place where your view is obstructed – I was nearly hit by one last spring.

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  • Managing Risks & Hazards

    • Photo of forest road washed out by flooding, with pickup truck in the distance
      Stay out of deep water this flood season

      Flood waters move fast. Flood season is a hazardous time of year if you drive on resource roads to get to work. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared.

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Safety at Home

    • Photo of can of stain and rags for doing staining work
      Don’t get burned by oily rags

      Did you know that oily rags can ignite without a spark? That’s exactly how one family’s garage burned down. No one was hurt, but they learned a tough lesson.

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