Category: Safety at home & in the community

If you get sick, stay home – unlike the person who sneezed on me in the shoe section of Value Village.

Creeks and streams can rise quickly and flood – especially in spring melt season and into summer. Check out Floodsn from Emergency Management BC if your job requires you to drive on roads that may be affected. It includes a link to current flood conditions for your region. This fleet safety video from the State […]

This yucky reminder shows how viruses can make their way from one sneeze onto keyboards, phones, other surfaces, and ultimately into your home.

A carbon monoxide (CO₂) leak had tragic consequences for two people in Burnaby recently. A man and woman in their 50s died in their trailer, likely from exposure to a CO₂ leak from a propane-powered generator. Furnaces, boilers, kilns, natural gas space heaters, fires, welding activity can create CO₂. So can pressure washers and other tools.

Weekend DIY warriors are getting busy as the weather warms. But before you get out there with the power tools, please review these safety videos and make sure you are prepared.

It’s easy to be deceived by the sunshine and dress in clothes that aren’t warm enough. But if you are venturing into the wilderness – for work or recreation – it pays to be prepared.

This is my last post for 2012 – then I’m taking a little time to relax with the family before I’m back in the new year. I’d like to leave you with some safety tips for dealing with a key aspect of the Canadian winter – snow – which can be excellent or annoying, depending on what you are trying to do in it.