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Photo of a fuel tanker truck parked on the road.

Choose and use the right hose for the fuel you are storing or distributing to help prevent rare but catastrophic explosions.  In 2017, a fuel transfer worker died when gasoline vapours were ignited by a spark from static electricity. (See Fuel tanker explodes, fatally injuring worker for details of this incident.) This type of tragedy […]

Photo of a worker tying up the laces of their safety boots.

Boots are important for protecting your feet from hazards in your workplace. They require regular inspection, just like any other type of PPE.  Recently I read an article in OHS Canada about when to replace workboots. To find out more about workboots, I contacted Theresa O’Hara, an occupational health and safety officer with WorkSafeBC who […]

Photo of two traffic control workers pointing to an AFAD during flagger training

Find out how new technology and updated training and supervision requirements are helping improve safety for traffic control workers.  “Being able to take workers off the road and away from traffic helps negate the very real danger that is present every minute of each shift,” says Fred Bradshaw, Saskatchewan’s Highways Minister, in a Journal of […]

Photo of a rear winter tire of a car driving on a snow covered road

Here’s some advice for anyone who needs new winter tires — including what type of tires to get, when to use chains, and why stock in stores may be low.  Winter tires are an investment in safety — for you, your family and friends, and others sharing the road. Tires with adequate traction are essential […]

Photo of worker with clipboard in freezing room of a warehouse

X-ray technology is increasingly being used by employers to inspect the safety and quality of products. They need to know its impact on worker safety.  X-ray machines are not new. For many decades, we’ve seen them used for medical, dental, and veterinary diagnostics. All of these machines are used by highly trained people and are […]

Photo of a seine fishing boat in the water.

WorkSafeBC prevention officers visit herring fishery crews to look at PPE, worker supervision, safe work procedures, and other risk-reduction tactics.  Commercial fishing continues to have one of the highest fatality rates, per capita, of industries in B.C. At the start of this year’s herring fishery, WorkSafeBC prevention officers are visiting crews to review employers’ safety […]

Photo of man pulling back right ear with hearing protection inserted

Young people entering the workforce need to know how using hearing protection can prevent noise-induced hearing loss that may start early and is irreversible.  On average, around one in 10 workers under the age of 21 shows signs of hearing loss. Raising young workers’ awareness of hearing protection is an important goal for health and […]

Photo of fisherman donning survival suit

Fish Safe BC’s contest challenges commercial fishing crews to record and submit videos or photos that show how efficiently they can put on survival suits.  Most of us have probably never heard of survival suits, but they’re extremely important — especially if you’re a fisherman. Survival suits are used when fishermen are preparing to abandon ship, […]

Photo of hearing protection including ear muffs and earplugs

Workers at recycling facilities need hearing protection and other PPE to protect against exposure to high noise levels and other hazards.  This is the second post in a series about workplace hazards in the recycling industry. See the first post, Sorting out workplace safety in the waste and recycling industry. Hearing protection is essential for […]

Photo of a worker using a powered pallet jack in a warehouse

An increase in online shopping is putting pressure on warehouse workers. It’s important they know how to operate power pallet jacks safely.  As online shopping rises in popularity, more companies are competing for their share of the market, promising lots of stock and quick delivery. At the same time, there is a labour shortage and […]