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Photo of two houses surrounded by evergreens with mountains behind

Preparing for wildfires in B.C. is a shared responsibility. Here are FireSmart BC’s tips for mitigating the threat of wildfires in your community.  Many communities in B.C. are in or near heavily forested areas. People who live, work, and play in these areas need to be prepared for wildfires. Wildfires don’t just affect communities in remote […]

Photo of a towtruck with car winched up behind it, in snow

Tow truck drivers face unique risks at work. Drivers need to slow down and move over when they see flashing lights on a tow truck or any other vehicle.  This is part two of my focus on road safety. Check out last week’s post, Reminding truckers about the hazards of stopping roadside. B.C.’s annual Cone […]

Photo of trucker checking headlight of rig pulled off highway in winter

Truck drivers need to minimize risk when they are forced to stop roadside — often on busy highways — to chain up tires, check a load, or address an issue.  This is the first post in a two-part look at road safety. Stay tuned for next week’s post on the auto recovery and towing industry. […]

Photo of Shawn Michaels in the forest wearing safety gear.

Shawn Michaels has seen many chainsaw injuries during his work life. Now, he’s designing a safety jacket that protects arborists against chainsaw blades.  “I think this is likely the safest jacket on the planet,” says Shawn Michaels, an arborist and technical apparel student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). He’s referring to the Kevlar safety jacket […]

Photo of a fishing boat with snow-covered mountains in the background

To prevent drowning, crewmembers on B.C. fishing vessels are now required to wear PFDs or lifejackets whenever they are on the deck.  Fishing is a unique occupation with safety concerns unlike any other. “The reality of working on a commercial fishing vessel will never change, in terms of the risk of working on the water,” […]

Photo of sawdust being blown off a board in a wood products plant

Dust from wood, metal, flour, and more can ignite. Free online training can help employers, contractors, and workers in manufacturing control the hazard.  Just about any substance can be combustible when it’s the size of a grain of table salt. “When we grind things up very small, almost everything burns,” says Lorne Davies, safety advisor […]

Photo of brown-and-white cattle being driven down the middle of a paved road, with a farm in the background

A ranching safety advisor reminds drivers to be vigilant and follow ranch workers’ directions when they encounter cattle drives on B.C.’s roads.  Sometimes ranchers in rural B.C. herd their cows along roads. For motorists passing through the region, it can be quite a sight, but it can also be confusing. “People are driving down a […]

Photo of bright lights as operator works with video camera at an awards ceremony

B.C.’s motion picture industry unions are making it easier for workers and their families to access anonymous support for mental health and addictions.  In any given year, one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Compassion, understanding, and support can make […]

Photo showing hearing protection in ear of a bartender facing a customer

Service industry workers exposed to loud noise can wear hearing protection that makes it easier to hear customers and coworkers — and looks good, too.  Bartenders, DJs, servers, door people, and other service industry workers are often exposed to hazardous levels of noise at or over 85 decibels. This puts them at risk of permanent […]

Drawing of toolbox full of different tools with faces

It’s a serious message presented with humour. New animated videos from the Builders Code initiative address bullying and harassment on construction sites.  B.C.’s construction industry is taking the issue of bullying and harassment very seriously, and word is spreading that there’s no place for harassment, hazing, or bullying on a jobsite. The Builders Code initiative […]