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Photo of close up detail of flood restoration worker's hands working with a measuring tape and pencil in wood plank

Contamination, structural damage, and asbestos in materials are among the hazards facing restoration contractors during massive flood cleanup.  Restoration companies are in high demand in southern B.C., after atmospheric rivers caused flooding that damaged numerous homes and buildings. I read this CBC News story about potential hazards for workers who are helping with restoration. In […]

Photo of scraping ice from a windshield Photo has been taken from the inside of the car

Keep these holiday safety tips in mind if travelling on the roads, attending a personal gathering, or putting up lights and decorations.  Stay safe on the roads with proper snow tires Recently, I overheard some people in a grocery line-up talking about the numerous stores sold out of snow tires. It made me think of […]

Photo of workers of different ages sitting on chairs in a circle in an office meeting room.

An award-winning human resources advisor tells us why finding shared values in your workplace is so beneficial.  How do we engage everyone in a multigenerational workplace? By finding our shared values. That’s the message from Tierra Madani, an award-winning human resources advisor who spoke at Make it Safe 2021, hosted by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance […]

Photo of two two industrial workers wearing reflective jackets, using a tablet and inspecting the land outdoors

Near-miss incidents offer a learning opportunity – if we investigate them. A construction supervisor talks about how they handle near misses at work.  Recently I had a conversation about near misses with a friend of mine, a supervisor on a construction site. I asked her about reporting these incidents, after I’d read about falling materials […]

Photo of: Film crew filming movie scene in an outdoor location

Fatigue at work may not be just from lack of sleep. Workplace elements like tasks, environment, and facility design can also contribute to fatigue.  When workers are tired, the risk of incidents and injuries to themselves, other workers, and members of the public increases. Improving sleep (easier for some than others) can help, but that’s […]

Photo of a person in a shirt and tie, holding an evacuation and emergency plan book in front of them.

Are you prepared for an emergency if you work from home? Be ready with an emergency kit and a plan for evacuation and emergency communication.  As I write this post, much of B.C. is experiencing the effects from what some are calling an “atmospheric river.” With unprecedented amounts of rain, we’re seeing mudslides closing roads […]

Photo of warehouse worker pulling hand pallet truck at warehouse storage facility.

Learn these five factors and consider them in your workplace to reduce the risk of incidents involving mobile equipment.  Workers being struck by vehicles and mobile equipment (also known as “struck-by incidents”) are one of the most common serious injury claims in B.C. (You can see WorkSafeBC serious injury claims by incident type in WorkSafeBC […]

Photo of a group of workers wearing hard hats and safety glasses, standing for a safety meeting

Read how to make the most of your safety meetings, so your workers learn and retain health and safety information.  Workplace health and safety training starts on the first day of work, with an orientation for new workers. It’s a regulatory requirement — part of an overall health and safety program. I wrote about this […]

Photo of an electric vehicle battery charge screen in a car showing 75 percent charged.

Handling electric vehicle batteries can put workers at risk. Here are some of the hazards and risk controls you should know, as an employer.  As the use of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, safety advocates are looking at how to improve safety for workers who tow, recover, and recycle them. EVs are powered by high-voltage lithium-ion […]

Photo of boy wearing Halloween costume and face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Find out how haunted houses stay scary while keeping communicable disease prevention in mind, and learn other Halloween safety tips for 2021.  Haunted house organizers have changed the way they scare people during the pandemic. One organizer described the challenges of keeping people 2 metres apart, to meet physical distancing requirements. “How do you elicit […]