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Photo of first aid kit

As always, occupational first aid attendants are at the ready, and now they are using new protocols to protect themselves and their patients from COVID-19.  People in need of first aid at work can expect a few changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In some cases, and if it’s possible, people will be asked to administer […]

Photo of man pulling back right ear with hearing protection inserted

Young people entering the workforce need to know how using hearing protection can prevent noise-induced hearing loss that may start early and is irreversible.  On average, around one in 10 workers under the age of 21 shows signs of hearing loss. Raising young workers’ awareness of hearing protection is an important goal for health and […]

Photo of three Actsafe Safety in Entertainment awards, glass pillars against a backdrop of yellow and purple lights

Actsafe’s safety awards recognize safety leaders in industry. Lori Stewart won Safety Ambassador of the Year for her work to promote concussion awareness.  The health and safety organization for B.C.’s arts and entertainment industry is putting the spotlight on some of its greatest safety stars. Actsafe Safety Association announced the winners of its inaugural Safety […]

Photo of a coffee shop worker cleaning a table while wearing a surgical mask and protective gloves to prevent spread of COVID-19 transmission.

Kudos to B.C.’s businesses for working hard to plan and implement safety controls that protect workers and the public from COVID-19 transmission.  In May, the B.C. government implemented its phased approach for reopening B.C. businesses. WorkSafeBC supported this approach by developing industry-specific protocols to help businesses return to operations safely. Kelly Mean, an occupational safety […]

Photo of customer standing at a restaurant counter, pointing at a menu board. The worker stands behind plexiglass taking the order.

B.C. employers can use a new app to create and update their COVID-19 Safety Plans for keeping their workers and workplaces safe.  It’s been so interesting to see the many ways we’ve adapted to life with COVID-19. We wear our masks (so many creative ones!) and walk into stores where we are greeted by workers […]

Photo of a worker wearing a high visibility vest and holding a cardboard box in warehouse

Reviewing forklift and loading procedures are some ways employers can keep warehouse workers safe as they process a backlog of orders during the pandemic.  My friend and his fellow logistics technicians have been working overtime at their warehouse jobs ever since the pandemic was declared in March 2020. They’ve been processing an excess of “undeliverable” […]

Photo of men and women in small-group discussion

Scott Construction won a Builders Code Champion Award for its efforts to support workers’ mental health, which include forming a mental health committee.  On average, each year, around one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health challenge or illness, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Motivated by the desire to support […]

Photo of cleaning surface with hands in yellow rubber gloves holding spray bottle and sponge

Please read these tips for enjoying a safe summer close to home in 2020 as you’re cleaning, gardening, working, and de-stressing.  If there was ever a time to appreciate the “staycation,” it’s this summer of 2020. I’ve learned to make the most of my time at home, as have many others who have been doing […]

Photo of a worker checking an industrial refrigeration system

Ammonia is widely used and is highly toxic. As part of their responsibilities, employers must plan for emergencies and conduct regular inspections.  On October 16, 2017, tragedy hit the town of Fernie, B.C. when three workers died while trying to repair an ammonia leak in the cooling system of an ice rink. To prevent this […]

Photo of a bright yellow food truck supporting truck drivers

Organizations and individuals are coming together to support the “Highway Heroes” delivering the essential goods we rely on during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please take a moment to think about how much we rely on commercial truck drivers — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as they deliver our groceries, medical supplies, and so much more. But truck […]