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Photo of technician spraying foam insulation using plural component gun for polyurethane foam, inside

If you work with spray foam insulation or finish coatings, you may be exposed to isocyanates, and should know the health effects of working with them.  Exposure to isocyanates — chemicals released into the air by varnishes, paints, coatings, and insulating spray foams — is often a silent exposure. Recently, I noticed on Twitter that […]

Photo of school children crossing the road while cars are stopped.

As students head back to school and many people return to work, remember to share our roads safely and watch out for people working in the Cone Zone.  It’s that time of year again: Students are going back to school. And this year many people are returning to their offices after working from home. If […]

Photo of a young woman checking her head injury in the bathroom mirror.

A sports injury specialist in concussions explains why immediately recognizing and responding to concussion-causing events is so important.  In my previous post, Stunt performers join forces to tackle concussion, I wrote about stunt performers too often repeating a stunt, even when they are feeling effects of concussion from a prior attempt. Concussions affect other workers […]

Photo of stunt performer jumping between tall buildings in the city.

A former stunt performer talks about why it’s important to recognize and respond to potential concussion-causing events, despite the need get stunts right.  Due to the nature of their work, stunt performers are at risk of concussion, the most common form of brain injury. The injury happens when an impact or forceful motion to the […]

Photo of a person looking at people on a video-conferencing message.

A new study shows why people often feel fatigued after spending multiple hours on videoconferencing apps like Zoom. How can we stop it from happening to us?  The first time I ever used Zoom, I couldn’t stop looking at myself. I feel a bit embarrassed to admit it, but maybe you can relate. Until then […]

Photo of Group of business people joining together silver and golden colored gears on table at workplace.

A new digital hub of resources is available for workers and employers to support psychological health and safety at work.   Talking about mental health — be it your own or someone else’s — isn’t always easy. But if employers and workers are prepared, their understanding and compassion can go a long way in supporting […]

Photo of a loaded logging truck driving on a resource road.

A new video gives recreational drivers important information about safety on resource roads.  Once upon a time, back in the 1990s, I went camping with some friends near Bella Coola. We drove to a beautiful spot, up a logging road — also known as a “resource road.” I was sitting in the passenger seat, gazing […]

Photo of a woman plugging a wire into an electric power bar.

Follow these best practices for using power bars in your home or work office. I’m sharing them after experiencing a near-miss incident of my own.  I was working from home, talking on the phone in the living room, when I noticed the unmistakable smell of smouldering plastic. “Sorry, but I’ll have to call you back. […]

Photo of Trawler vessel at anchor in a calm bay at Roche Cove, Sooke, British Columbia.

Commercial fishermen are likely to meet Fish Safe teams on docks, where they’re sharing information about preventing collisions.  The Port of Vancouver receives 3,160 vessels each year — about 9 ships per day, and it predicts this could increase to about 12 ships per day by 2026, based on a 2016 analysis. More vessels, tug […]

Photo of an outdoor curbside patio of a restaurant, with a barrier in place to protect patrons from traffic.

Workers on curbside patios face hazards of working near traffic, and employers must assess the risk, to keep workers and customers safe.  B.C.’s annual summer Cone Zone campaign reminds drivers to slow down and move over when they see people working on the roadside. You might picture road-maintenance crews, first responders, municipal workers, and construction […]