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Photo of two workers reviewing information on an iPad at a construction site.

A new web-based tool provides health and safety information through a customized report.  The first version of the My Health & Safety Resources tool from WorkSafeBC is live. It’s now easier for workers and employers to get health and safety information relevant to your industry. This includes finding out which specific requirements of B.C.’s Occupational […]

Snowy rural road through trees

Here’s how to improve safety when driving during the winter in B.C.  Winter is coming. And for some, winter-type weather is already here. The first thing I ask myself before I drive during the winter is: Do I really need to go? Chances are, I don’t. But sometimes you really do need to drive. It […]

Photo of an emergency information tube.

Emergency information tubes include maps, information about power sources, and more that responders need to know about evacuated properties.  It’s been a year since B.C.’s atmospheric river event caused catastrophic flooding and landslides. So many have been hit hard by its effects. Lives have been changed. Employers are still rebuilding and being prepared is on […]

Photo of worker and supervisor talking about work duty

Regulation changes in B.C. outline employer responsibility when unsafe work refusal is unresolved, and work is reassigned.  The refusal of unsafe work is a fundamental right for workers. It’s also a responsibility. The new amendments to B.C.’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation support this right by specifying how employers must respond. An employer must investigate […]

Photo of hotel receptionists working

Employers must support workers during ongoing labour shortage that often leads to longer shifts, less supervision, and more responsibilities.  Due to recent staff shortages, workers are finding themselves in situations they may not have experienced in the past. The labour shortage means that many hospitality workers are working longer hours, with less supervision and more […]

Photo of server carrying several plates in blue apron.

Slips, trips, and falls are preventable in restaurants when employers work with front-line workers to address hazards.  A friend of mine was working in the kitchen at a popular nightclub. He says: “I was taking a hotel tray of chicken wings out for a buffet we were putting on. I lost my footing because of […]

Photo of a welder in a factory

A risk of exposure to fire and explosion exists for workers who weld or do other work that generates sparks and can ignite fuel when oxygen is also present.  “Hot work” is any task that involves burning, welding, riveting, grinding, or using fire- or spark-producing tools, or other work that produces a source of ignition. […]

Photo of male and female workers, wearing coveralls and looking at car engine.

A mechanical engineer shares how her experience with poorly fitting personal protective equipment (PPE) sparked her to start designing safety clothing for women.  Being able to use a washroom is something we rarely discuss and often take for granted. But for many women who work outdoors, it can be a major ordeal. “Trying to answer […]

Photo of Man putting garbage bag into recycling bin outdoors, closeup

Let’s be aware of health and safety for workers who are at risk of sprains, strains, and other injuries while collecting residential garbage and recycling.  Not everyone has the same way of “taking out the garbage.” Different jurisdictions use different methods for collecting garbage, as well. But one thing all garbage pick-up locations have in […]

Photo of closeup of driver's hands on steering wheel driving on a rainy day

Get ready for fall conditions and review your company driving policy, clear storm drains, and prepare for rain on the roads.  September tends to be a month of transitions. “It’s the perfect time to review your company’s driving policy in your health and safety program,” says safety advisor Lorne Davies of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance […]