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Photo of woman in bed reaching fist toward alarm clock

Managing fatigue in the workplace is about more than just getting enough sleep. A fatigue risk management system can help employers reduce the risk.  Fatigue is more than just feeling sleepy — it impacts our abilities to think and work. And with Daylight Saving Time around the corner, I thought it was a good time […]

Photo of children on shoulders of adults in audience of concert on big stage

Actsafe’s conference on event safety is all about sharing knowledge and equipping workers. On the agenda: crowd safety, mental health, opioids, and more.  Actsafe’s annual Event Safety Conference brings industry stakeholders together to share knowledge about how to make live events and performing arts workplaces safer. “The conference is about equipping people at all levels […]

Photo of chef and staff in kitchen of restaurant

A high turnover rate means today’s kitchens are seeing more new workers. One executive chef says training and coaching are key ingredients for their safety.  Here in B.C. — and across Canada — the restaurant industry is dealing with an ongoing labour shortage. It’s a challenge to fill kitchen positions and there’s a lot of […]

Photo of black-and-white cat working at a laptop

I visit many places online when I’m looking for ideas about what to write for this blog. One great source is WorkSafeBC’s monthly Health and Safety Enews.  Since this blog began in 2010, I’ve talked about health and safety with hundreds of people in different industries. Many of their stories will stay with me forever. […]

Photo of lab tech holding material with tweasers

Nanomaterials are so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. A new test makes it easier to detect spills of nanomaterials in workplaces.  Engineered nanomaterials are used in the manufacture of many items, including cosmetics, sun tan lotions, toothpaste, fuel cell catalysts, and antimicrobial materials. They can enhance paint colours, for example, and […]

Photo of the back of a concrete pumper truck

How can we keep workers safe near reversing vehicles and equipment? Along with backup alarms, we need more solutions for preventing injuries.  Struck-by incidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in B.C. workplaces. From 2001 to 2018, 16 workers died when they were pinned, struck, or run over by mobile equipment or vehicles […]

Photo of two young men changing lenses on a camera

If you were an employer, how would you keep your young workers safe? That’s the challenge for youth in WorkSafeBC’s 2019 student safety video contest.  It’s very important that young workers feel comfortable to ask questions about safety. “Young workers are often reluctant to speak up because they don’t want to make waves or look […]

Poster for the first responder anti-stigma campaign

The BC First Responders’ Mental Health Committee promotes positive mental health by reducing stigma and providing best practices, education, and tools.  Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders do a job like none other and are the people we call when we need help. But by now we’ve all seen media stories about first […]

Photo of rancher putting tools in pickup truck with family in background

New videos explore what motivates agriculture workers to make safe choices. One reason, beyond rules and regulations, is having family who rely on you.  Reg Steward has had many opportunities to learn about what motivates people to work safely. For the past 18 years, he’s worked with AgSafe, the health and safety association for B.C.’s […]

Photo of woam in dark hooded coat and mitts clearing snow from car windows

The holiday season is here. Check out these holiday safety tips, whether you’re on vacation or at work, and share your tips for staying safe this winter.  It’s time for my annual list of safety tips for winter. Please keep them in mind, share them with your contacts, and add your own tips in the […]