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Photo of A truck transporting liquid live load down the highway

Transporting oil, milk, and other liquid cargo can affect a vehicle’s stability and handling, and drivers need to have specific knowledge in order to carry these liquid live loads safely.  In November 2021, a worker was driving a tanker truck loaded with salt brine. As the truck descended a hill, it rolled on its side […]

Photo of a silhouette of a group business team making high hands over head in a sunset sky

Improve communication and support a respectful workplace by using inclusive language.  Recently I spoke with WorkSafeBC occupational safety officer Caity Klaudt about the power of words and promoting equality. She co-presented an online seminar, Inclusivity through language – starting off right, at the Women in Forestry summit earlier this year. She and her colleagues, Carole […]

Photo of woman sitting in driver seat of a truck, fastening her seat belt.

Every day we face moments of decision, moments where we need to make safe choices, like fastening a seat belt and paying attention to yellow lines.  Long ago, back in the 80s, I was sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car after school. As we drove along, she reminded me to put on […]

Photo of a supervisor training a young worker as they walk down the aisle of a grocery store.

A young worker advocates for open communication at work, and gives his take on the B.C. government survey about hazardous work and youth.  Are certain types of work too hazardous for workers under the age of 19? The B.C. government is asking the public this question in an online survey. The Hazardous work protections for […]

Photo of worker wearing a yellow vest, carrying aluminium stepladder and tool box at construction site

Take a few minutes to ask some important questions before using a stepladder. It can help prevent falls and injuries.  I’ll never forget the time I saw a grocery store worker fall off a stepladder. It was a rainy day, and he was standing on the very top of the ladder (where you’re not supposed […]

Photo of asbestos memorial mobile installed outside on the waterfront of Vancouver with people riding by it on bicycles

North America’s first public memorial for people exposed to asbestos will be unveiled this Fall, on the waterfront path by the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Each year, more than a million people pass by the location where a unique asbestos memorial will be unveiled this Fall. Created by Vancouver artist Doug Taylor, this Wind Wheel Mobile […]

Photo of two people wearing hardhats standing at a desk with a computer in a saw mill.

Supervisors looking to enhance their communication skills can register for a free course that covers leading meetings, sharing information, and more.  “Communicating is and always will be a key part of being a good and effective supervisor,” says Cherie Whelan, director of SAFE Companies with the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC). She says that communicating […]

Photo of traffic cone on the highway, and behind it, is a tow truck driver towing a broken down car.

A new online traffic control course aims to make working around traffic safer for towing and recovery operators.  Workers in the towing and recovery industry spend a lot of their time working alongside moving vehicles. Whether they’re towing vehicles from an urban parking lane, assisting stalled drivers, or clearing vehicles from an accident scene, they […]

Photo of farmer in overalls standing beside flood area on field.

Free, confidential mental health supports are available for B.C. farmers, ranchers, and growers affected by extreme weather, wildfires, and the pandemic.  B.C. farmers have been hard hit by the extreme heat dome, COVID-19, and historic rainfall and floods — all occurring within the same year. Many lost all their crops, or were forced to evacuate, […]

Photo of a fuel tanker truck parked on the road.

Choose and use the right hose for the fuel you are storing or distributing to help prevent rare but catastrophic explosions.  In 2017, a fuel transfer worker died when gasoline vapours were ignited by a spark from static electricity. (See Fuel tanker explodes, fatally injuring worker for details of this incident.) This type of tragedy […]