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Photo of three individuals in PPE sitting at a table during a safety meeting.

BC Construction Safety Alliance can lighten the load of managing a construction business and make safety simpler.  As a business grows, reviewing workplace health and safety obligations is one of the many tasks employers need to address. Thankfully, the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is here to help. “When [employers are] trying to run their […]

Photo of a man on a construction site wearing a high vis vest with The Lone Hunter written across the screen.

The Lone Hunter video encourages construction workers to reach out if they are experiencing mental health challenges.  The narrator in The Lone Hunter speaks in the dramatic tones of a 1960s-style nature show. While the approach is whimsical, the subject matter is serious – it features a construction worker who suffers inside but hides it […]

Woman and male inspecting equipment at manufacturing site.

Employers need to know the hazards in their workplace and manage the risks to provide a healthy and safe workplace.  It’s ergonomics month and WorkSafeBC has some important reminders for B.C. manufacturers this October. I connected with Tami Der, an occupational health and safety consultant with WorkSafeBC on how employers can use in-house inspections and […]

Photo of man at construction site with fall protection attached.

OHS specialist Glenn Russell recalls how seeing a worker’s serious, life-changing injury inspired his motivation to raise awareness of fall protection.  A worker on a steep slope roof fell and fractured his leg when his fall protection equipment failed. The vertical lifeline was old and it broke, according to the summary of a recent incident […]

Photo of male and female workers, wearing coveralls and looking at car engine.

The guideline outlines the requirement for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be available for all body types, not just sized for men’s bodies.   A new guideline addressing the issue of ill-fitting PPE, which can compromise worker safety, came into effect in November 2022. I instantly thought about Jodi Huettner when I read a recent WorkSafeBC […]

Employers need workers’ insight into tasks that cause discomfort so they can find solutions that foster safety.  You know those huge bins of fruits and vegetables we see in grocery stores? Stocking these items is one of the many tasks that put workers at risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI). MSIs account for approximately 30 percent […]

A serious injury at a composting facility is a reminder to employers that workers need to be properly trained and show their ability to perform lockout procedures.   A new and young worker was seriously injured while clearing composted material out of a large bin in 2020. The auger on the bottom of the bin was […]

Reviewing the basics of power tool safety is important in the workplace, but it’s also crucial at home before starting any kind of DIY project.  In a workplace, employers are responsible for providing safety training and supervision. They need to be aware of hazards and have plans for ensuring workers know how to perform specific […]

Person in grocery store with shopping basket, looking at food in a freezer

A broken refrigeration system could release gas that displaces oxygen from the room before workers can react — controls and training are key.  “We can’t see asphyxiant gas, so we don’t necessarily realise it’s a risk,” says David Ogilvie, an occupational hygiene officer with WorkSafeBC. “Any mechanical system using gas could fail, with severe consequences. […]

Photo of two males and one female talking at a construction site.

Finding new opportunities for workers after workplace injuries that prevent them from returning to their previous jobs.  Recently I read about WorkSafeBC’s Hire a Worker program in the Spring 2023 issue of WorkSafe Magazine. This free service matches B.C. employers with experienced workers who have recovered from a workplace injury and are ready to return […]