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Photo of person looking at their proof of vaccination card on a smartphone.

As an employer, you need an anti-bullying and harassment strategy to protect workers who check customers’ vaccine status.  As of September 13, B.C. employers are required to check the proof of vaccination for anyone who wants to access certain events, services, and businesses. This includes, for example: Restaurants with table service (indoor and patio dining) […]

Photo of school children crossing the road while cars are stopped.

As students head back to school and many people return to work, remember to share our roads safely and watch out for people working in the Cone Zone.  It’s that time of year again: Students are going back to school. And this year many people are returning to their offices after working from home. If […]

Photo of sick woman sitting on sofa while covered in a blanket.

Employers are required to offer employees 3 days of paid sick leave if they need to stay home as a result of circumstances related to COVID-19.  Stay home when you’re sick. That’s been one of the messages we’ve heard most frequently during the past year. The B.C. government introduced new legislation that entitles all workers […]

Photo of person getting a vaccination in a medical setting

Learn how the COVID-19 vaccine affects workplaces, including booking an appointment, COVID-19 Safety Plans, and vaccination policies.  Recently, like thousands of others in B.C., I stood in line for my first COVID-19 vaccination. I looked away when it was time for the actual jab in the arm — then felt happily surprised when it didn’t […]

Photo of prime contractor and construction worker discussing and wearing masks to protect against COVID-19.

It’s up to the prime contractor to ensure that each subcontractor has their own COVID-19 safety plan.  “Why do subcontractors need to present their own COVID-19 Safety Plan to prime contractors on a multi-employer worksite?” This is one of the questions WorkSafeBC prevention officers have been answering from employers in the construction industry. Here’s why: […]

Photo of worker wearing PPE in seaweed salad processing facility.

WorkSafeBC and industry groups are working to ensure COVID-19 health and safety in food processing plants.  Industry sectors most affected by COVID-19 are being supported to minimize the spread of the virus. One high-risk sector is food processing. B.C. food processing employers are working hard to update their COVID-19 safety plans and improve protocols for […]

Photo of owner of bakery shop, wearing a mask to comply with health order requirement against COVID-19. .

Employers get answers to their questions about how provincial health orders affect business operations.  On December 14, Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, updated the public health order. The update affects all employers, and some of the recent requirements include: Employers must ensure that every worker performs a daily health check before entering the […]

Photo of fatigued truck driver yawning in the driver's seat.

Employers can improve workplace safety by following a three-step process to identify and manage tasks that can be particularly affected by fatigue.  Unfortunately, many of us are not getting enough sleep. We may try to go to bed early or put up light-blocking curtains, but this doesn’t always help. Without enough sleep, people can end […]

Photo of person's hands stacking stones into a balanced pyramid

Chelsea, a WorkSafeBC prevention officer, gives tips to employers who are maintaining workplace safety systems along with integrating COVID-19 safety plans.  Understandably, B.C. employers are concentrating on their COVID-19 safety plans. But they still need to manage all the other safety risks in their workplaces. “Because we are all so focused on COVID, employers may […]

Photo of three Actsafe Safety in Entertainment awards, glass pillars against a backdrop of yellow and purple lights

Actsafe’s safety awards recognize safety leaders in industry. Lori Stewart won Safety Ambassador of the Year for her work to promote concussion awareness.  The health and safety organization for B.C.’s arts and entertainment industry is putting the spotlight on some of its greatest safety stars. Actsafe Safety Association announced the winners of its inaugural Safety […]