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Employers need workers’ insight into tasks that cause discomfort so they can find solutions that foster safety.  You know those huge bins of fruits and vegetables we see in grocery stores? Stocking these items is one of the many tasks that put workers at risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI). MSIs account for approximately 30 percent […]

Snowy rural road through trees

Here’s how to improve safety when driving during the winter in B.C.  Winter is coming. And for some, winter-type weather is already here. The first thing I ask myself before I drive during the winter is: Do I really need to go? Chances are, I don’t. But sometimes you really do need to drive. It […]

Photo of courier pushing a box on a dolly, down a path, while wearing a hi-vis vest and protective face mask.

A courier dispatcher shares the top hazards delivery drivers face, and gives his take on a new video series about avoiding harm when making routine deliveries.  The courier industry, which includes last mile and food delivery services, has grown rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic. With this industry growth, WorkSafeBC claims have increased by […]

Photo of Person reclined in lounge chair beside camper van near trees

Be prepared if you’re planning a trip on B.C.’s resource roads, many of which were damaged and closed after floods in November 2021.  In recent years, more and more of us are using resource roads to get to campsites, fishing spots, and other backcountry locations. Dozens of these roads throughout the province have been shut […]

Photo of scraping ice from a windshield Photo has been taken from the inside of the car

Keep these holiday safety tips in mind if travelling on the roads, attending a personal gathering, or putting up lights and decorations.  Stay safe on the roads with proper snow tires Recently, I overheard some people in a grocery line-up talking about the numerous stores sold out of snow tires. It made me think of […]

Photo of two two industrial workers wearing reflective jackets, using a tablet and inspecting the land outdoors

Near-miss incidents offer a learning opportunity – if we investigate them. A construction supervisor talks about how they handle near misses at work.  Recently I had a conversation about near misses with a friend of mine, a supervisor on a construction site. I asked her about reporting these incidents, after I’d read about falling materials […]

Photo of person looking at their proof of vaccination card on a smartphone.

As an employer, you need an anti-bullying and harassment strategy to protect workers who check customers’ vaccine status.  As of September 13, B.C. employers are required to check the proof of vaccination for anyone who wants to access certain events, services, and businesses. This includes, for example: Restaurants with table service (indoor and patio dining) […]

Photo of school children crossing the road while cars are stopped.

As students head back to school and many people return to work, remember to share our roads safely and watch out for people working in the Cone Zone.  It’s that time of year again: Students are going back to school. And this year many people are returning to their offices after working from home. If […]

Photo of sick woman sitting on sofa while covered in a blanket.

Employers are required to offer employees 3 days of paid sick leave if they need to stay home as a result of circumstances related to COVID-19.  Stay home when you’re sick. That’s been one of the messages we’ve heard most frequently during the past year. The B.C. government introduced new legislation that entitles all workers […]

Photo of person getting a vaccination in a medical setting

Learn how the COVID-19 vaccine affects workplaces, including booking an appointment, COVID-19 Safety Plans, and vaccination policies.  Recently, like thousands of others in B.C., I stood in line for my first COVID-19 vaccination. I looked away when it was time for the actual jab in the arm — then felt happily surprised when it didn’t […]