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Photo of person holding a yellow hard hat with an excavator in the background.

BC 1 Call reminds homeowners, and commercial contractors to “click or call before you dig” into the ground for any outdoor project, big or small.  In 2020, a worker was seriously injured while operating an ATV at a vineyard. The worker was driving down an 11% slope when the ATV lurched ahead unexpectedly. The ATV […]

Photo of a man in high-vis vest on a forklift

A new resource makes it easier to prevent interactions between people and vehicles before they happen.  When it comes to preventing struck-by incidents at work, simply telling workers to “pay attention” is not enough says Heather Kahle, a human factors specialist at WorkSafeBC. “We need to recognize that people can’t ‘pay attention’ to all things […]

Photo of cannabis plants

Demand for cannabis remains steady, and on-going training is essential for workers using new technology and tools to process, store, receive, and ship products.   Ever since cannabis was legalized in 2018, Canadians have seen many new products become available. The industry uses new types of machinery and processes for extracting active ingredients from cannabis plants. […]

Photo of worker and supervisor talking about work duty

Regulation changes in B.C. outline employer responsibility when unsafe work refusal is unresolved, and work is reassigned.  The refusal of unsafe work is a fundamental right for workers. It’s also a responsibility. The new amendments to B.C.’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation support this right by specifying how employers must respond. An employer must investigate […]

Photo of closeup of driver's hands on steering wheel driving on a rainy day

Get ready for fall conditions and review your company driving policy, clear storm drains, and prepare for rain on the roads.  September tends to be a month of transitions. “It’s the perfect time to review your company’s driving policy in your health and safety program,” says safety advisor Lorne Davies of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance […]

Photo of Close-up view of tick on human finger against dog lying in grass.

New eTick photo ID app helps identify ticks that carry disease.  The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) is asking people to send in photos of ticks, using the eTick app. Your submitted photos are reviewed by a regional expert. Information is then sent back to you about whether a bite could lead to a […]

Photo of senior woman using a laptop in a workshop

A new online tool guides employers step by step through incident investigations and tracks incidents, hazards, and risk controls needed for workers’ safety.  Employers are required to investigate certain incidents (including near misses) that happen at work. (See B.C.’s Workers Compensation Act, Part 2, Division 10.). The investigation helps find out what happened, why it […]

Photo of A truck transporting liquid live load down the highway

Transporting oil, milk, and other liquid cargo can affect a vehicle’s stability and handling, and drivers need to have specific knowledge in order to carry these liquid live loads safely.  In November 2021, a worker was driving a tanker truck loaded with salt brine. As the truck descended a hill, it rolled on its side […]

Photo of worker wearing a yellow vest, carrying aluminium stepladder and tool box at construction site

Take a few minutes to ask some important questions before using a stepladder. It can help prevent falls and injuries.  I’ll never forget the time I saw a grocery store worker fall off a stepladder. It was a rainy day, and he was standing on the very top of the ladder (where you’re not supposed […]

Photo of Photo of two workers looking at a computer in a factory, working

See how a woodworking firm uses incident statistics to educate staff and focus the prevention efforts of their health and safety committee.  Dennis Trill is the production manager at Towne Millwork — an architectural woodworking firm that creates custom designs for hospitals, banks, schools, stadiums, and other commercial buildings throughout North America. In 2004, Dennis […]