Category: Safety at home

Reviewing the basics of power tool safety is important in the workplace, but it’s also crucial at home before starting any kind of DIY project.  In a workplace, employers are responsible for providing safety training and supervision. They need to be aware of hazards and have plans for ensuring workers know how to perform specific […]

Photo of Man putting garbage bag into recycling bin outdoors, closeup

Let’s be aware of health and safety for workers who are at risk of sprains, strains, and other injuries while collecting residential garbage and recycling.  Not everyone has the same way of “taking out the garbage.” Different jurisdictions use different methods for collecting garbage, as well. But one thing all garbage pick-up locations have in […]

Photo of a person walking into the water at beach in summer at sunset.

Follow these tips to stay safe in the summer months — at work, at play, and on the roads, as we move through the summer of 2022.  Summer is in full swing and we need to keep prepared to avoid heat stress, both indoors and outdoors. Last year, in 2021, WorkSafeBC accepted 115 claims from […]

Photo of a person in a shirt and tie, holding an evacuation and emergency plan book in front of them.

Are you prepared for an emergency if you work from home? Be ready with an emergency kit and a plan for evacuation and emergency communication.  As I write this post, much of B.C. is experiencing the effects from what some are calling an “atmospheric river.” With unprecedented amounts of rain, we’re seeing mudslides closing roads […]

Photo of boy wearing Halloween costume and face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Find out how haunted houses stay scary while keeping communicable disease prevention in mind, and learn other Halloween safety tips for 2021.  Haunted house organizers have changed the way they scare people during the pandemic. One organizer described the challenges of keeping people 2 metres apart, to meet physical distancing requirements. “How do you elicit […]

Photo of a person looking at people on a video-conferencing message.

A new study shows why people often feel fatigued after spending multiple hours on videoconferencing apps like Zoom. How can we stop it from happening to us?  The first time I ever used Zoom, I couldn’t stop looking at myself. I feel a bit embarrassed to admit it, but maybe you can relate. Until then […]

Photo of close-up of patio heater being used to keep people warm outdoors

Patio heaters are lovely for keeping us warm outside in the cold, but we need to use them safely to avoid potential fire and carbon monoxide hazards.  This winter, during the pandemic, many people are turning to patio heaters for warmth outside – where the risk of COVID-19 transmission can be lower. According to this […]

Photo of young worker interacting with older worker in front of a feller buncher

Learn how parents of young workers can find information and talk with their child about safety at work and COVID-19 safety protocols.  Training and orientation are an important part of starting any new job. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when workers have additional procedures to learn that help prevent spreading or contracting […]

Photo of Halloween jack'o lantern with medical face mask

This year, we’ll need to make changes to our Halloween celebrations so we can keep physically distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Recently I’ve seen debate online about whether to celebrate Halloween this year. Some people say it should be cancelled altogether because it isn’t a necessity. While I see the logic of that, I sympathize […]

Photo of cleaning surface with hands in yellow rubber gloves holding spray bottle and sponge

Please read these tips for enjoying a safe summer close to home in 2020 as you’re cleaning, gardening, working, and de-stressing.  If there was ever a time to appreciate the “staycation,” it’s this summer of 2020. I’ve learned to make the most of my time at home, as have many others who have been doing […]