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Photo of two males and one female talking at a construction site.

Finding new opportunities for workers after workplace injuries that prevent them from returning to their previous jobs.  Recently I read about WorkSafeBC’s Hire a Worker program in the Spring 2023 issue of WorkSafe Magazine. This free service matches B.C. employers with experienced workers who have recovered from a workplace injury and are ready to return […]

Photo of movie set trucks getting ready for a shoot

B.C. workers in the film industry will have to take Actsafe’s general safety awareness course by March 31, 2024.  Recently, I learned that Actsafe’s Motion Picture General Safety Awareness course will be mandatory for all workers in the motion picture industry. Everyone is required to complete it by March 31, 2024. To find out more […]

Forestry technician using digital tablet computer in forest for logging data collecting during deforestation

An app is in development that will enable forestry employers to use smart devices to fill out and manage health and safety paperwork.  B.C. forestry employers are trying out a new app that will make it easier to manage safety-related paperwork. The Forest Industry Reporting System (FIRS) App will enable forestry employers to fill out […]

Photo of two workers reviewing information on an iPad at a construction site.

A new web-based tool provides health and safety information through a customized report.  The first version of the My Health & Safety Resources tool from WorkSafeBC is live. It’s now easier for workers and employers to get health and safety information relevant to your industry. This includes finding out which specific requirements of B.C.’s Occupational […]

Photo of farmer in overalls standing beside flood area on field.

Free, confidential mental health supports are available for B.C. farmers, ranchers, and growers affected by extreme weather, wildfires, and the pandemic.  B.C. farmers have been hard hit by the extreme heat dome, COVID-19, and historic rainfall and floods — all occurring within the same year. Many lost all their crops, or were forced to evacuate, […]

Photo of man working at a desk and stretching

A registered massage therapist and ergonomist share their tips to work comfortably and reduce the risk of injury while working at a desk.  Working at a desk may seem like a low-risk activity, compared with other kinds of work, but even sitting for long periods can lead to muscle pain. Recently, I read that regular […]

Photo of: Film crew filming movie scene in an outdoor location

Fatigue at work may not be just from lack of sleep. Workplace elements like tasks, environment, and facility design can also contribute to fatigue.  When workers are tired, the risk of incidents and injuries to themselves, other workers, and members of the public increases. Improving sleep (easier for some than others) can help, but that’s […]

Photo of an arborist pruning trees from a hoisted bucket near high-voltage powerlines

Employers must ensure that non-qualified workers and their materials, equipment, and machinery remain at least 3 metres (10 feet) away from high-voltage sources.  Power lines overhead and underground pose a risk of electric shock to workers in many different industries. For example, this summer in B.C., a landscaping worker sustained an electric shock during tree-falling […]

Photo of an outdoor curbside patio of a restaurant, with a barrier in place to protect patrons from traffic.

Workers on curbside patios face hazards of working near traffic, and employers must assess the risk, to keep workers and customers safe.  B.C.’s annual summer Cone Zone campaign reminds drivers to slow down and move over when they see people working on the roadside. You might picture road-maintenance crews, first responders, municipal workers, and construction […]

Photo of Prevention Officer hand writing note on a clipboard

Conducting a walk-through can identify potential COVID-19 transmission spots and determine if changes are needed to create a safer workspace.  Every workplace has its own COVID-19 challenges that call for carefully thought-out solutions. Listening to workers and observing work premises are the first steps to assess risks in your workplace. An assessment helps identify potential […]