Category: Hazardous materials

Photo of a welder in a factory

A risk of exposure to fire and explosion exists for workers who weld or do other work that generates sparks and can ignite fuel when oxygen is also present.  “Hot work” is any task that involves burning, welding, riveting, grinding, or using fire- or spark-producing tools, or other work that produces a source of ignition. […]

Photo of asbestos memorial mobile installed outside on the waterfront of Vancouver with people riding by it on bicycles

North America’s first public memorial for people exposed to asbestos will be unveiled this Fall, on the waterfront path by the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Each year, more than a million people pass by the location where a unique asbestos memorial will be unveiled this Fall. Created by Vancouver artist Doug Taylor, this Wind Wheel Mobile […]

Photo of a circular saw cutting into cement making dust and possible silica exposure.

BCCSA’s online tool can help employers conduct a risk assessment and apply effective controls and safe work practices where silica dust may be a hazard.  As an employer in B.C., you are required to protect workers from hazardous exposures — including from silica. Silica is a mineral found in sand, as well as in quartz […]

Photo of close up detail of flood restoration worker's hands working with a measuring tape and pencil in wood plank

Contamination, structural damage, and asbestos in materials are among the hazards facing restoration contractors during massive flood cleanup.  Restoration companies are in high demand in southern B.C., after atmospheric rivers caused flooding that damaged numerous homes and buildings. I read this CBC News story about potential hazards for workers who are helping with restoration. In […]

Photo of an electric vehicle battery charge screen in a car showing 75 percent charged.

Handling electric vehicle batteries can put workers at risk. Here are some of the hazards and risk controls you should know, as an employer.  As the use of electric vehicles (EVs) increases, safety advocates are looking at how to improve safety for workers who tow, recover, and recycle them. EVs are powered by high-voltage lithium-ion […]

Photo of technician spraying foam insulation using plural component gun for polyurethane foam, inside

If you work with spray foam insulation or finish coatings, you may be exposed to isocyanates, and should know the health effects of working with them.  Exposure to isocyanates — chemicals released into the air by varnishes, paints, coatings, and insulating spray foams — is often a silent exposure. Recently, I noticed on Twitter that […]

Photo of a person washing their hands as part of communicable disease prevention

It’s no longer mandatory to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan available for review, but employers still need to assess the risk of all communicable diseases.  B.C. is now in Step 3 of the provincial government’s four-step Restart plan. This means that employers are no longer required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and can transition […]

Photo of a person wearing a mask serving a customer at a food truck.

New videos share propane safety tips for operators of food trucks and mobile kitchens.  Food trucks were growing in popularity even before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that dining and food service has moved primarily outside as part of B.C. health orders, food trucks are more popular than ever. These meals on wheels appeal to […]

Photo of person wearing gloves while cleaning and disinfecting a door handle

A costume studio shares its enhanced disinfecting and sanitizing protocols, and explains how it minimizes the potential chemical hazards.  Enhanced cleaning procedures are an important part of preventing COVID-19 transmission at work. I spoke with a friend about how his workplace is carrying out the extra measures. He is a shop foreman at a company […]

Photo of dentist in protective workwear checking teeth of girl with dental mirror and carver during COVID-19 pandemic

Dentists have been using enhanced hygiene protocols since the 1980s, so they have processes in place that are helpful during the current pandemic.  Dentists are well experienced in infection control. Recently, I spoke with Dr. Alastair Nicoll, chair of the B.C. Dental Association’s Back to Work Task Force, about how this expertise helps dentists to […]