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Photo from safety videos shows lego figures as workers standing in a row

B.C. students get creative with the theme of this year’s WorkSafeBC Student Safety Video Contest — “I am doing my part.”  For a unique look at how young workers can stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in the workplace, see the winning entries in the WorkSafeBC Student Safety Video Contest. Each video […]

Photo of engineer using virtual reality goggles outdoors on construction site

Workplace health and safety training programs use virtual reality to recreate hazards, incidents, best practices, and more.  Several industries are using virtual reality (VR) to deliver workplace health and safety training. Workers can don their headsets and see images that simulate real-life workplace experiences. “The sky’s the limit. You can recreate any incident, any safe […]

Photo of person wearing non-medical face mask and holding sign in Mandarin "I'm doing my part"

COVID-19 health and safety information is available in 120+ languages in B.C., where more than a million people use languages other than English.  At first, I wondered if there was much point in writing — in English — about resources available in other languages. But I’m writing this with the hope that readers will pass […]

Photo of cleaning staff reaching as they disinfect elevator to avoid contagion

The risk of musculoskeletal injury (MSI) may increase at workplaces where processes have changed because of COVID-19 safety protocols.  During the past few months we’ve seen many changes in how people carry out their jobs. Physical distancing, protective barriers, increased cleaning measures, and other safety solutions may lead to workers moving differently. Workers at fast […]

Photo of person wearing face mask to protect against COVID-19 and about to climb ladder to put up winter holiday lights

Along with COVID-19 health and safety measures, remember to keep safety in mind for the usual seasonal activities like climbing ladders and driving in winter conditions.  Follow ladder safety when putting up decorations Putting up holiday lights is one tradition we can still enjoy while staying close to home. This year, I notice many people […]

Photo of a person working a ditch in the middle of the road, surrounded by cones on the roadside.

Freshen up your knowledge on traffic safety to help keep roadside workers safe while they do their jobs in the cone zone.  Mitchell Martin is a dad, husband, and soccer coach. He’s also a tow truck driver who provides crucial help for stranded drivers. Mitchell is one of more than 10,000 people who work on […]

Photo of a coffee shop worker cleaning a table while wearing a surgical mask and protective gloves to prevent spread of COVID-19 transmission.

Kudos to B.C.’s businesses for working hard to plan and implement safety controls that protect workers and the public from COVID-19 transmission.  In May, the B.C. government implemented its phased approach for reopening B.C. businesses. WorkSafeBC supported this approach by developing industry-specific protocols to help businesses return to operations safely. Kelly Mean, an occupational safety […]

Photo of everygreen seedlings on a reforestation site

Hundreds of new tree planters will be at work in B.C. in 2020. One employer shares how preventive taping and early reporting can prevent RSI injuries.  Hundreds of new tree planters will be at work in B.C. in 2020, according to this CBC article. They’re needed to meet the increased demand to replenish forests destroyed […]

Photo of worker and supervisor in a marine setting

More employers are using handheld devices to do business. WorkSafeBC has updated its Supervising for Safety course to make it compatible with tablets.  Roger Hall is the safety manager at RIMEX, a company that makes, sells, and distributes wheels and rims for industrial vehicles. Recently, he told me how his company is shifting to using […]

Photo of forest nursery worker wrapping tree seedlings at a workstation with wrists in a neutral wrist posture (straight wrist)

Forest nursery workers who grow trees for planting need proper training, lighting, and posture to avoid musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs).  I came across this CBC news story that said planting a trillion trees could be the “most effective way to fight global warming.” It also included this interesting statistic: professional tree planters can plant up to […]