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Photo of server carrying several plates in blue apron.

Slips, trips, and falls are preventable in restaurants when employers work with front-line workers to address hazards.  A friend of mine was working in the kitchen at a popular nightclub. He says: “I was taking a hotel tray of chicken wings out for a buffet we were putting on. I lost my footing because of […]

Photo of male and female workers, wearing coveralls and looking at car engine.

A mechanical engineer shares how her experience with poorly fitting personal protective equipment (PPE) sparked her to start designing safety clothing for women.  Being able to use a washroom is something we rarely discuss and often take for granted. But for many women who work outdoors, it can be a major ordeal. “Trying to answer […]

Photo of a hand places roses on a memorial

Tracy Ford shares the story of her father, who died of a disease acquired at work. He’s one of the many people to be honoured on the Day of Mourning.  Every year, on April 28, people gather at Day of Mourning ceremonies held throughout B.C. to honour those who lost their lives due to workplace […]

Photo of a worker fixing a ski gondola and dressed to prevent cold stress.

An industrial mechanic explains how he kept warm while working at the top of ski lift towers in extremely cold temperatures.  During the past 25 years, Rick Maki has worked far above — and far below — the ground. As a millwright, he installs, repairs, and maintains machinery and heavy equipment. These days, Rick’s work […]

Photo of a woman plugging a wire into an electric power bar.

Follow these best practices for using power bars in your home or work office. I’m sharing them after experiencing a near-miss incident of my own.  I was working from home, talking on the phone in the living room, when I noticed the unmistakable smell of smouldering plastic. “Sorry, but I’ll have to call you back. […]

Photo of Ralph McGinn

A new fellowship award for research in occupational health and safety and work disability honours Ralph McGinn, who devoted his career to worker safety.  Ralph McGinn, known for his dedication to workers’ health and safety, was the chair of WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors when he passed away suddenly on May 11, 2020. Many people paid […]

Photo of man wearing mask and getting massage by therapist

A registered massage therapist adds her own measures to the required COVID-19 protocols in place at her practice.  Recently I spoke with a registered massage therapist (RMT) who works with high-risk clients. She carefully follows the COVID-19 guidelines set by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) and keeps her safety plan updated. […]

Photo of crew member working on TV set and wearing non medical face mask.

Workers in the motion picture and TV industry share their experiences about COVID-19 safety solutions on set.  As I write this post, the motion picture and TV industry has been up and running again for just over two months, after a six-month shut down due to COVID-19. Since the restart, I’ve heard a lot of […]

Photo of two workers talking in a in a room under construction with only wood beams.

Safety officer shares top questions from residential construction workers and employers — and fills us in on a new resource that answers them.  “How do I get the information I need?” That’s one of the top questions Jason Baia, a WorkSafeBC occupational safety officer, gets from residential construction employers and prime contractors during inspections. Sometimes […]

Photo of smiling dark-haired young woman with another woman's hand on her shoulder

The Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to support women who work in the OHS industry.  It all started in Calgary with a conversation about how to help women advance their careers in health and safety. “We found that a lot of our female safety colleagues were not […]