Santa’s safety tips

Photo credit: Nigel Wedge on Flickr

Elves are known for working hard – and often they work a bit too hard. Their work ethic is so strong, and they have so much energy, that they don’t really like taking breaks.

As the supervisor, Santa reminds them to slow down and use the Lift/Lower Calculator and the Push/Pull/Carry Calculator. Every day Santa is faced with new challenges and he’s thankful for the safety resources available at WorkSafeBC’s Injury Prevention Resources for Manufacturing.

Lockout procedures, WHMIS, and personal protective equipment are also important at the North Pole – and nowadays Santa is using fall protection gear in the sled.

It’s true he is magic, and he could fly back into the sled if he fell out – but it’s nice to avoid these situations if possible. He’s also prepared for working in the confined space of the chimney.

It’s no easy job to be Santa – and I’m happy to hear he’s not sacrificing safety for productivity. It’s good to know he cares about keeping his crew safe all through the year.


5 thoughts on “Santa’s safety tips

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  2. xqzmoi

    Seems he has most of his bases covered, but wait…what about working alone? does he have a contact to help in case of unforeseen problems. And does he have a written rescue procedure for when he will be on rooftops that require working at heights over 25’It would be a crying shame if he got caught by a Supervisor who would have no option but to suspend the Jolly old guy for non compliance with regulation and policy, as per company discipline policy.

    Happy Holidays! Ho Ho Ho

    1. susan

      Mrs. Claus watches his back and dispatches for any help needed. The reindeer are good back-up if anything goes badly down the chimney. I’ll ask him about the rest next time he calls me from his cel phone. 😉

  3. MoJo

    i bet his exp rating has become very attractive over the years as well!! we should all take note of santa’s safety protocols .. he must be the only employer on earth (or thereabouts) without an on the job death since his company started. what a record!!

    (very creative post)


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