Trick-or-treaters get lesson in PPE

October generally finds me and my offspring mulling over possible Halloween costumes. This year I came across an idea with a built-in “teachable moment” on workplace safety – construction worker. Not only is it a fun and visual costume for kids, it’s also a chance to gently introduce the importance of personal protective equipment.

The basic costume (plus my two-cents’ worth):

  • Painter or carpenter jeans – Preferred to shorts and skirts of course.
  • Thermal and/or flannel top – It’s good to maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Work boots – Steel-toed to protect from 2x4s (or jack-o’-lanterns).
  • Safety vest – Great for working around forklifts or traipsing around in the dark.
  • Tool belt – This keeps hands free for climbing ladders or shovelling candy into your mouth.
  • Cell phone – Young or old, beware the potential distraction factor!
  • Hard hat – Always a good idea to protect your head.

(Based on “How to Dress Like a Construction Worker” )

Maybe there’s a trick-or-treater at your house who could have some fun with this idea. (If so, I’d really love to see a photo). Happy Halloween!


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