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Photo of woman taking children in Halloween costumes along a sidewalk

Halloween is a time for fun and treats, but let’s not forget about staying safe. I write about this every year because it’s important to remember.  Halloween is nearly here – so please check out these important safety reminders. Choosing Halloween costumes Choose Halloween costumes with health and safety in mind. The Alberta College and […]

Photo of a wheelbarrow and shovel next to a flowerbed outside a home

Hiring people to do work around your home for jobs like construction, gardening, or child care? You might need to apply for workers’ compensation coverage.  I’ve seen so many home renovations and landscaping revamps while walking through my neighbourhood lately. Sometimes it’s the homeowners and renters doing the jobs themselves, but usually they’re paying others […]

Photo of chocolate Lab dog in water at a sandy beach in summer.

Summer is nearly here. Keep these summer safety tips in mind at home, at work, on vacation, and on the road. Now let’s have some fun and enjoy the season!  Eating outside is one of my favourite things about summer – except when wasps show up. Sometimes people try to swat them away, but this […]

Photo of can of stain and rags for doing staining work

Did you know that oily rags can ignite without a spark? That’s exactly how one family’s garage burned down. No one was hurt, but they learned a tough lesson.  Are you planning on painting your house or doing some staining? If so, please remember to be careful with any oily rags you may have left […]

Photo of a penguin walking

Take an icy cold snap, add lots of rain, and up goes the risk of slipping and falling. How can people walk more safely while at work and in the community?  One night, during B.C.’s intense 2017 winter season, I found my neighbour’s phone on the ground, beside the path and under a tree. I […]

Photo of a hand testing a domestic smoke alarm

The BC Smoke Alarm Movement wants to see a smoke alarm in every home. They’ve distributed and installed more than 41,000 alarms during the past three years.  One Christmas, my friend got a smoke alarm from his grandma. I wrote about it in my post Give the gift of safety this holiday season. Thankfully, there […]

Photo of holiday shopping bags in hands of person walking past Christmas decor

It’s the holiday season. What could go wrong? Let’s think about safety issues at work, at home, in the community – while shopping, driving, and walking.  Each year, I list hazards to look out for during the winter holiday season, and here I am doing it again. Please keep these tips in mind, share them […]

Photo of hand turning valve at top of portable propane tank

Portable propane tanks need to be stored and used properly. Ensure valves are locked in place when heating with propane. Use a CO2 detector to detect leaks.  I just moved my propane tank after reading this Propane Safety reminder from FortisBC. I’ve had a propane barbecue for years and lately I’ve been using it as […]

Photo of a Halloween jack-o-lantern with pumpkin seeds coming out of its mouth, looking like vomit

Have fun and stay safe on Halloween. Here’s a sample of Halloween safety tips published by different organizations in 2017. Please read and share them!  Every year around this time, I scan the web for new Halloween safety resources. Here’s what I found, along with a few past ones that bear repeating. Traffic safety for […]

Photo of a hand holding a key, unlocking a door

Many people in B.C. are going home after wildfire evacuations. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your transition home is as safe and smooth as possible.  Public safety officials are reaching out to evacuees returning home after being displaced by wildfires in B.C. It’s hard to imagine the emotional impact of seeing your […]