Category: Managing risks & hazards

Photo of first aid kit

As always, occupational first aid attendants are at the ready, and now they are using new protocols to protect themselves and their patients from COVID-19.  People in need of first aid at work can expect a few changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In some cases, and if it’s possible, people will be asked to administer […]

Photo of a worker wearing a high visibility vest and holding a cardboard box in warehouse

Reviewing forklift and loading procedures are some ways employers can keep warehouse workers safe as they process a backlog of orders during the pandemic.  My friend and his fellow logistics technicians have been working overtime at their warehouse jobs ever since the pandemic was declared in March 2020. They’ve been processing an excess of “undeliverable” […]

Photo of person in yellow T-shirt pumping sanitizer onto their hands

Distilleries, breweries, and wineries need to review their workplace safety measures before making hand sanitizer that helps fight the spread of COVID-19.  Recently, there’s been a lot in the news about distilleries and breweries making hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic to help with the shortage in supply. Some of the sanitizer produced is sold, […]

Photo of two fishing vessels on the water

Fish Safe BC is reaching out to fishing crews to talk about vessel stability, PFD regulations, and the importance of planning for emergencies.  On March 6, 2017 — the first day of B.C.’s herring roe fishery — a crew member died when a seine fishing vessel capsized and sank in the waters off Comox. (Read more about […]

Photo of the outside of a motel office at night

Last spring, a B.C. motel worker was assaulted while working alone at night. Employers have specific responsibilities when it comes to lone worker safety.  In May 2019, a worker was assaulted, tied up, and robbed while working alone at night at the front desk of a Victoria motel. To prevent others from experiencing this type […]

Photo of a blonde health care worker in blue scrubs looking afraid and holding her hands up palm outward

It’s critical to identify risk factors that lead to violent incidents for health care workers. Violence risk assessments can help employers find solutions.  The number of violent incidents reported at B.C.’s health care workplaces is on the rise. This news release from the BC Nurses’ Union reports a 52 percent increase in violent incidents reported […]

Photo showing hearing protection in ear of a bartender facing a customer

Service industry workers exposed to loud noise can wear hearing protection that makes it easier to hear customers and coworkers — and looks good, too.  Bartenders, DJs, servers, door people, and other service industry workers are often exposed to hazardous levels of noise at or over 85 decibels. This puts them at risk of permanent […]

Photo of burned house with top story all caved in

It can take months for restoration workers to clean a fire-damaged structure. They face a range of hazards, such as exposure to hazardous materials.  Justin McConville, laboratory manager and hazmat department supervisor at On Side Restoration, has seen hundreds of fire-damaged buildings during his career in the restoration industry. He tells me that, depending on […]

Photo of children on shoulders of adults in audience of concert on big stage

Actsafe’s conference on event safety is all about sharing knowledge and equipping workers. On the agenda: crowd safety, mental health, opioids, and more.  Actsafe’s annual Event Safety Conference brings industry stakeholders together to share knowledge about how to make live events and performing arts workplaces safer. “The conference is about equipping people at all levels […]

Photo of tatooed man behind counter in a craft brewery

B.C.’s craft beer industry is booming. Brewery employers need to look at safety issues like heavy lifting, confined spaces, and carbon dioxide exposure.  Ten years ago, there were 54 craft breweries in B.C. Now there are 145. Personally, I’m a big fan of craft beer and it’s always a pleasure to talk with brewers who […]