Impaired by lack of sleep?

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Are you tired? If so, you aren’t alone.

Many of us sacrifice sleep for many of the same reasons – work, family life, socializing, social media. We know sleep is important, but we don’t make it a priority.

One study measures the effects of fatigue and compared it to blood alcohol content with the following results:

  • 17 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .05 (the legal limit in Canada)
  • 21 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .08
  • 24-25 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .10

Sleep is the solution

More sleep is the obvious answer – 7.5 to 8 hours a night, ideally. We just need to convince ourselves that sleep is a high enough priority – just like this overworked airline executive in Grounded needs to do. This 20-minute video from the US Federal Aviation Agency shows how lack of sleep affects decision-making, behaviour, and quality of life. I would not want to live like the character in this film – whose problems can be experienced by people in any industry.

“Grounded” from Michael Curtis on Vimeo.

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