Another medium for spotting workplace hazards

Image from Ontario Ministry of Labour's Spot the Fall Hazards tool

Image from Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Spot the Fall Hazards tool

In the past, I’ve written about the popular bimonthly contest What’s Wrong With This Photo? by WorkSafeBC, which is published online and in an ebook, as well as printed in WorkSafe Magazine. It gets response from Africa, Poland, India, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. People are printing out the photos and laminating them – tacking them to bulletin boards, and sharing them online. Employers, health and safety organizations, and educational institutions are using them for training, safety meetings, and workplace contests.

Pointing out the mistakes of others obviously has an appeal. As I’ve said before, this type of online activity is engaging for all, but it may hold even more appeal for younger workers – especially those who spend a lot of time online and gaming. I’m glad to see another tool for addressing the issue of falls – which I wrote about recently in my post Let’s keep talking about fall protection.

Last year, six workers died in BC due to falls – and this tragic problem is seen in many other jurisdictions, where tools like this one are being created. Kudos to the Ontario Ministry of Labour for this one.


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