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Photo of man carrying extension ladder in front of house

Please use caution when carrying ladders through passageways, doorways, or any place where your view is obstructed – I was nearly hit by one last spring.  It’s time for spring cleaning! But before you haul out your ladder at work or at home, I have something to say about ladder safety. Usually we talk about […]

Photo of burnt trees on rocky mountainside

2017 was B.C.’s worst fire season ever. Now, many of these damaged trees are unstable, so people need to know about the hazards of working near them.  First, many of the trees in B.C. were devastated by mountain pine beetles. Then more were burned in the 2017 wildfires. Now the province’s forests are filled with […]

Photo of a penguin walking

Take an icy cold snap, add lots of rain, and up goes the risk of slipping and falling. How can people walk more safely while at work and in the community?  One night, during B.C.’s intense 2017 winter season, I found my neighbour’s phone on the ground, beside the path and under a tree. I […]

Photo of debris around shipping container that exploded

Storing even a small amount of flammable material in a shipping container can lead to an explosion. Adequate ventilation is crucial for safety.  Shipping containers have long been used for transporting goods across the ocean – they’re secure, mobile, and watertight. These features are also why more people outside the shipping industry are using them […]

Photo of crowd waving at stage at live concert

Many venues in the live event industry are adding naloxone to their first aid kits and developing procedures and best practices to address opioid overdoses.  It can happen anywhere, including theatres, music venues, and wherever else people go for live entertainment. In 2017, more than 1,400 people died of drug overdoses in B.C. – with […]

Photo of HAZMAT team beside tanker railcars

What happens when a toxic substance is spilled? A specialized cleanup crew works to contain the hazardous materials. The WISER app can help them stay safe.  On November 28, 2017, emergency crews closed the Coquihalla Highway in both directions. A semi-truck had crashed, spilling about 20,000 litres of phenol formaldehyde resin onto the road and […]

Photo of unhappy woman whose co-workers are talking about her

Bullying and harassment hurt people in our schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Pink Shirt Day reminds us to support them.  How can we support people who are being bullied or harassed? What can we do to show people they’re not alone in the situation? This is one of the things people talk about on February […]

Photo of woman surveying field at the edge of a stand of trees

Safety check-ins are crucial if you’re working alone or in isolation. This applies whether you’re outside in a remote location, in an office, or in a store.  Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day of the couple, let’s talk about being alone – more specifically, being alone at work. If we work alone or in isolation, […]

Photo of three workmen at the Second Narrows Bridge in 1958

Have you ever wondered about the name of the Ironworkers Memorial bridge? This video shares stories from some workers who survived its collapse in 1958.  The worst industrial disaster in Vancouver’s history happened on June 17, 1958, when one of the spans being constructed for the new Second Narrows Bridge collapsed. Seventy-nine workers plunged into […]

Photo of worker in high-vis vest in front of hazard tape

“Could this have been you?” Learn about recent fatalities, injuries, and close calls in B.C. workplaces so you can prevent similar incidents from happening.  I’m one of more than 12,000 people who subscribe to an enews with summaries of recent workplace incidents reported to WorkSafeBC. Ten years ago, I signed up for this information. At […]