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Worker placing explosives into hole cut into a tree.

Using explosives to blast trees that are too dangerous to fall by conventional methods helps keep fallers away from the hazard.  Dave “Dazy” Weymer trains certified fallers to blast trees that are too dangerous to remove by conventional methods. He’s worked in forestry for more than 50 years, starting with rigging and hauling. Later, he […]

Photo of a cook in a food truck preparing a hotdog bun

Food truck operators need to know the hazards of working with propane. WorkSafeBC officers are reaching out to raise awareness and offer solutions.  Propane is the fuel of choice for food truck operators. It’s convenient and portable, but can be dangerous: if it leaks, it can build up and explode if it encounters an ignition […]

Photo of a group of high school students talking by school lockers

B.C.’s high school curricula is taking a new view of career education. To reflect the changes, WorkSafeBC updated its Student WorkSafe program for teachers.  B.C. teachers and students are taking a new approach to career education this year. They are using a new curriculum that allows students to focus more on their own unique goals […]

Photo of mountain road with snow and ice

You’ll soon see signs about vehicles needing chains and winter tires when driving on B.C. highways this fall and winter. Are you prepared?  Even though summer is barely over, it’s not too early to prepare yourself or your workers for driving on wintry roads. If you drive a commercial vehicle, this means you will need […]

Photo of smiling truck driver in cab of semi truck

What are B.C. truck drivers doing to stay healthy? How are employers supporting their wellness? SafetyDriven is teaming up with researchers to seek answers.  SafetyDriven, the health and safety association for B.C.’s trucking industry, is working with a group of Canadian researchers to explore what B.C. truck drivers are doing to stay healthy. They’re also […]

Photo of young man with the flu, tissue in hand

It’s back-to-school time and the weather is getting cooler. This means flu season will soon be in full swing. How can we arm ourselves against it?  It’s that time of year again. Flu season is on the way, and I’ll be doing everything possible to avoid getting the flu. Generally, I try to keep my […]

Photo of a wheelbarrow and shovel next to a flowerbed outside a home

Hiring people to do work around your home for jobs like construction, gardening, or child care? You might need to apply for workers’ compensation coverage.  I’ve seen so many home renovations and landscaping revamps while walking through my neighbourhood lately. Sometimes it’s the homeowners and renters doing the jobs themselves, but usually they’re paying others […]

Photo of busy multi-lane roadway with signs and lights, and heavy rain

Driving is a part of everyday life for many, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Are you a safe driver? Test your knowledge with this driving test from ICBC.  We probably all think we’re pretty safe drivers, but how safe are we really? Taking ICBC’s Drive Smart Refresher Test is one way to see how […]

Photo of Worker in protective gear standing in a patch of giant hogweed plants

Make sure you can identify toxic plants if you work or play outdoors. Giant hogweed is hard to miss, but poison ivy leaves don’t always look the same.  It’s pretty easy to spot a giant hogweed plant. Recently, I read about a Vancouver Island woman who identified two of them in her garden. Kudos to […]

Photo of a man in a first aid class checking airway of CPR dummy

WorkSafeBC updated its occupational first aid training in July 2018. The changes make it easier for students to remember what to do in an emergency.  WorkSafeBC’s occupational first aid (OFA) training requirements changed on July 1, 2018. To find out more about what’s different, I contacted Dan Westerby, manager of WorkSafeBC’s Certification Services. Essentially, the […]