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Photo of person with crowbar in hand removing drywall

Not dealing with asbestos properly can result in fines or stop-work orders that can harm your professional reputation. A new WorkSafeBC video explains more.  It is really worth the risk? That’s what WorkSafeBC asks construction contractors in the video Asbestos: Why risk it? It’s a reminder of their obligation to manage asbestos safely and responsibly. […]

Photo of a hand holding a key, unlocking a door

Many people in B.C. are going home after wildfire evacuations. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your transition home is as safe and smooth as possible.  Public safety officials are reaching out to evacuees returning home after being displaced by wildfires in B.C. It’s hard to imagine the emotional impact of seeing your […]

Photo of truck driver eating loaded sub sandwich in front of truck.

Truck drivers can minimize common health problems by improving their diet and getting more exercise. Likely rewards? Better mood, more energy, longer life.  Truck drivers have a tough job. They work long hours, are exposed to excessive noise, vibration, and prolonged sitting, and often have poor diets and don’t get enough exercise. The result? Increased […]

Historic black and white photo of a saw filer in a plywood mill

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of B.C.’s workers’ compensation system. New videos share highlights of WorkSafeBC’s past 100 years.  This is a milestone year for WorkSafeBC, the organization that sponsors this blog. Over the past 100 years, the workers’ compensation system has evolved in many ways. To learn more about its rich history, you can […]

Photo of blinding sun and a thermometer showing it's hot

We’re having a heat wave in B.C. This raises safety concerns for people working outside. Please review these tips for keeping workers safe.  It’s a hot one this summer in B.C. Not only are we dealing with wildfires, but we’re also facing record-breaking temperatures. Last year in B.C., there were 16 claims for work-related injuries […]

Photo of rural area with thick orange-brown haze from wildfires

Smoke from B.C. wildfires is causing terrible air quality in some regions. How can outdoor workers and volunteers protect themselves from forest fire smoke?  This question is on the minds of many in B.C. as forest fire season continues with a vengeance. Employers can find answers in WorkSafeBC’s Wildfire smoke: Frequently asked questions. (Please note […]

Photo of a TCP flagger direction traffic

A viral video from Burnaby shows more work is needed to keep traffic flaggers safe. Drivers need to step up for the safety of people working on roads.  Recently a video of a Burnaby flagger hit by a car went viral. The CBC has since reported that the driver in the viral video was charged with […]

Photo of a Naloxone kit including syringes and ampules

The fentanyl death toll keeps rising. Some B.C. employers now have naloxone on hand for occupational first aid attendants who treat workers and the public.  Should employers add naloxone to their emergency response plan? WorkSafeBC has received calls from employers and occupational first aid attendants (OFAs) who want to know if administering naloxone is within […]

Photo of a moose crossing a road

Wildlife-vehicle collisions can have serious consequences. Road Watch BC aims to prevent crashes by getting the public to report wildlife sightings.  Wildlife-vehicle collisions can be deadly. Animals and people can be killed or injured. A few years ago, a worker driving on a forest service road swerved to avoid a deer and rolled down an […]

Photo of construction worker using saw to cut concrete

Silicosis is a disease that destroys lung tissue. A new online tool helps employers protect workers from exposure to dusts that cause it.  Whenever I hear about silica exposure, I’m reminded of the construction worker I wrote about in my post To mask or not to mask. He was in a café, covered in grey […]