Be nice, not mean

"Helping hand" - photo credit: mandajuice on Flickr

“Helping hand” – photo credit: mandajuice on Flickr

It sounds simple because it is.

While writing my recent post about help for small business owners, I heard an interesting story from a former deal-making panelist on the show Dragons’ Den.

For those who haven’t seen it, Dragons’ Den is a reality TV show where entrepreneurs share their business ideas with a panel of business experts. Some contestants get start-up money, while others get mocked by the cutting words of panelists.

W. Brett Wilson – a former Dragon – did not treat contestants that way. At one point, show producers said he “wasn’t being mean enough.” Apparently that’s because he believes in “preserving people’s dignity,” which he learned from his mom, who was in social work.

He shared his stories about compassion, business, and leadership at the BC Safety Charter Annual Round Table in Vancouver on May 2.

“It takes as long to be mean as it does to be nice,” he said.

As a mom, I was glad to see this grown son crediting his own mother with something so important. We try so hard to impart messages and good examples with the hope that our kids will carry them into the world as adults. If I heard my son say this as an adult, I would be so proud.

Please think about this next time someone pisses you off: be nice, not mean. 😉 Of course, every situation is different, so you will have to apply this message accordingly, in your own way. But do try, okay?


2 thoughts on “Be nice, not mean

  1. Carola Hicks-Mittag

    While out for breakfast with my nine year old grandson this morning I received a compliment on his manners and good behaviour. I would like to think he will become the kind of man that W. Brett Wilson demonstrates himself to be in your conversation.

  2. MarionR2

    Running a business is one of the most difficult, oftentimes terrifying, especially in times of economic uncertainty, things to do. I wish more people would remember that, remember that a cruel business culture literally helps nobody, whereas remembering that we are all a community – whether, of businesspeople, small entrepreneurs, workers – (and stop the ‘Dragon’s Den’ style treatment of others. Kudos to this guy and you for sharing his story!


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