Eagle eyes wanted for photo challenge

How many hazards do you see in this photo? I see some – but I can’t tell you what they are because this is a contest sponsored by WorkSafe Magazine. To enter, take the interactive What’s Wrong With This Photo challenge online by May 30, 2011.

It’s easy to do – just drop virtual push-pins on the hazards you spot and then a text box pops up for you to describe the hazard (remember to click OK for each text box). When you’re finished spotting hazards, click DONE and your entry will be emailed to WorkSafeBC.

What's wrong with this photo? Enter to win by May 30. WorkSafe Magazine, May/June 2011.

Contest aside, this is an excellent interactive safety tool for training, safety meetings, or just a refresher. Even if you missed the deadline, it’s still fun to do and a good exercise for your safety eye. You can also go back and try out older “What’s Wrong” photos or print PDF versions for your lunch room or shop.

Good luck!


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