Getting ready for NAOSH Week May 5 to 11

BC Housing team wins NAOSH 2012. Photo credit: WorkSafeBC

BC Housing team wins NAOSH 2012. Photo credit: WorkSafeBC

Are you planning for NAOSH Week, May 5 to 11?

Then you may be inspired by some of these ideas for engaging your employees to focus on this year’s question: “Are you as safe as you think?”

I asked Elisa Hendricks, Director of Employee Engagement at BC Housing, what she and her team did in 2012 to win the Provincial/Crown Corporation Award.

“Our committed team of occupational health and safety professionals and volunteers worked together to plan another exceptional health and safety week for the organization. Bringing in a wide variety of topics related to occupational health and safety, emergency preparedness and mental health, the team planned a series of engaging events that were well attended by employees from throughout our organization,” Elisa said, via email.

BC Housing is a provincial Crown Corporation with a mandate to help people in need of homes, ranging from emergency shelters to affordable rental housing and home ownership.

One event was a safety version of the old game show Family Feud – once a favourite of mine. Another was Walk A Mile for Mental Health in Burnaby Central Park

“It saw BC Housing employees getting outside and enjoying some sunshine and fresh air as they participated in this healthy event hosted by our Health Services team,” Elisa said. “The first 50 walkers to arrive received a free pedometer provided by ParticipAction Canada, and everyone’s name was entered into a draw for prizes.”

BC held a lunch and learn session on Emergency Preparedness for Pets – “the furry, finned and feathered members of our families,” as Elisa put it. They also had a workshop on the Canadian Mental Health Commission’s At Home Project. It focuses on solutions for Canada’s 50,000 to 300,000 people without homes, many of whom also live with a mental illness. The idea is that when people have homes, they are more able to concentrate on other issues.

“Other great ways we kept health, safety and emergency preparedness top-of-mind during NAOSH week included a series of related articles in our employee newsletter, our annual emergency kit purchase program and a bike safety seminar,” Elisa said.

“Employees were also encouraged to bring their families into conversations about health and safety, emergency preparedness and mental health through our family poster contest. Many employee’s children participated and all entries were entered into a prize draw.”

Congrats to BC Housing and good luck to everyone getting ready for NAOSH Week.


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