Handy booklet format for rock truck drivers

New infoflip from WorkSafeBC

New infoflip from WorkSafeBC

Health and Safety for Articulated Rock Truck Owners and Drivers is the latest “infoflip” booklet published by WorkSafeBC.

Driving a rock truck is often an entry-level position in forestry, says this story in WorkSafe Magazine Mar/Apr 2015. It describes how the dump trucks may at first seem like big Tonka toys – fun to use – and easy enough to drive on flat ground. But different terrain changes everything, along with the load.

The new resource includes a “pre-trip inspection report sheet and detailed descriptions of how to perform inspections, as well as important in-the-field scenarios on everything from torque converter lock-up to confronting brake failure, runaway, and topple-over incidents,” reads the story.

What is an info-flip?

It’s hard to write this without sounding like an advertisement, but I assure you that I am not being paid by the makers of the infoflip booklets.

I just happen to think they are very cool. I wanted to find out more about why creators used this format.

“They’re just smaller, and easier to carry and store – as opposed to an 8 1/2 x 11 booklet that people won’t carry around with them,” says Gordon Thorne, WorkSafeBC manager of Product and Program Development, who led the project.

It’s a different option, easier than a regular-sized manual, and always accessible because it fits into the hand of a person in real life – unlike an online version. (Because, something that many people forget, there are places you can’t get online access!)

It fits in a pocket or a glove box. You can clip it to a sun visor. The reader doesn’t need online access, nor a charged e-device. They can be ordered online, along with other titles for other industries.

At this point, there are 12 infoflips at the WorkSafeBC store. People can order hard copies for delivery or look at them online from the link at the very beginning. Because we still need a few things to be in print format in the hand of a person.


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