OHS Reg: new iPhone app from WorkSafeBC

When I first downloaded the OHS Regulation app to my iPhone, I thought about how far this workplace safety regulation has come since I first looked at it. Once upon a time the Reg was in a big set of binders; now it’s accessible (and update-able) by touch screen on my phone!

I opened the app for the first time and accepted an update that loaded the current version of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Workers Compensation Act, policies, guidelines, and WCB standards.

I searched for “ladder” – with all Search options selected, including: Act & Regulation; Policies; Guidelines; Standards; and Updates – and 53 results appeared on screen. Each result leads quickly to the fine print.

I can see the app being very convenient for people on the job. They can download the whole thing into their iPhone and access it without an online connection when they’re out of network range. I see how it’s helpful to me as a writer, as I research stories, and I wonder how it’s working for employers and safety professionals.

What do you think?

WorkSafeBC is asking people to “road test” the app and report any bugs or suggestions by February 14, 2011.. You can get the OHS Regulation app for free for your iPhone (or iPad or iTouch) by searching “worksafebc” at the iTunes App Store.


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