Online community for workplace safety


Check out – a social network for people in the safety community. It’s like a mini-Facebook, created on the Ning platform for people to ask questions, post links, share photos, and join discussion groups. I noticed discussions on ergonomics, construction, machine safety, mental well-being, e-learning, and more – dating back to 2009. It looks like a great tool for building a community of like-minded people from different geographic places – sponsored by Ansell (a company that makes protective gloves and condoms). So… see you there?

Building the Speaking of Safety community

While we’re on the subject of community-building, I’d like to say something about this blog. I really want people to leave comments on my posts.

I want to know what you think about the topics I bring up. Do you have more info, ideas, links, questions, disagreements, compliments? Please speak up. I’d love to hear from you! Remember you can always post without using your real name.


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