Oregon OSHA launches video series for youth

They’re the creation of 19-year-old Austin Coburn – the 2013 winner of the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition’s video contest. After the win, Oregon OSHA hired Austin as a summer intern, where he created the videos.

His new release is a must-see for video teams starting new projects in any jurisdiction. It tells next year’s contestants “how to enter, what we want, and other tips to help you with your contest submission.”

“The overall quality of the videos continues to get better each year and students seem to have a better sense of workplace safety and health hazards,” says senior research associate Dede Montgomery, from Oregon’s Center for Research on Occupational & Environmental Toxicology (CROET). “We found it really heartening to hear the video producers share how they came up with the messages shared in their video.”

For youth in British Columbia

Check out WorkSafeBC’s annual Student Safety Video Contest.


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