Play online: “What’s wrong with this photo?”

Challenge from WorkSafe Magazine, March/April 2011

Challenge from WorkSafe Magazine, March/April 2011

There’s a certain appeal in pointing out other people’s errors. This is evident when you look at the popularity of “What’s wrong with this picture?” which I wrote about in September 2010.

In that post, I said I was impressed to see how WorkSafe Magazine had engaged people from around the world with this bimonthly photo challenge from their print version – getting answers from as far away as Africa, Poland, India, Ireland, and the UAE.

Now the challenge is available online in a new, interactive format that can be shared more easily through social networks and email. Play by March 28 to enter a prize draw and have your answers published in the next issue of WorkSafe Magazine. You can also go back and check your danger-spotting skills on past issues.

WorkSafeBC invites you to play now.


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