Safety culture story from WorkSafe Montana

To BC from Montana via Internet- image captured from Google Maps

This video tell the story of a safety culture led by an employer who, years ago, was injured at work and off for five years.

It’s from WorkSafe Montana, and Terry Bogyo showed it at the MakeItSafe conference. He was talking about re-wiring safety culture and showed this video as an example of it in action.

We may be separated by distance and a national border, but BC and Montana (and many other jurisdictions) are working towards the same goals.

In the past, we would have ordered videos from other regions (if we knew about them) that would be delivered by mail, with postage, through customs. But now – thanks to the Internet – we can just click “Play” and watch it instantly. Is that not incredibly cool, when you think about it?


One thought on “Safety culture story from WorkSafe Montana

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    That is a great video you shared. It is very motivational and probably encourages everyone to think about the way safety is approached in our own companies. And you are right, progress in technology really advanced and improved so many things we do in our lives. One example is sharing safety videos easily over the Internet. But it also revolutionized safety in general, the way it’s approached and managed. Incredible opportunities and solutions for companies are out there, they just need to be embraced!


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