Setting the stage for a warehouse injury

Why did this young worker – with less than three weeks on the job – fall 13 feet from a forklift onto a cement floor?

A new audio slideshow from WorkSafeBC explains what went wrong, including best practices for prevention. It reminds me of the union rep who visited young workers to talk about workplace safety and refusing unsafe work. I shared her story in which she said: “Some of them were kids who had never had jobs, and they were already saying: ‘Ya but if I start refusing work, he’s just going to get someone else to do it.’”

This attitude has to change, so let’s do all we can to support young workers – whether they’re your staff or your own kids. Links to resources are below the slideshow.

More info on young worker safety

The RaiseYourHand website, created for young workers, aims to “empower you and all young workers in BC to use the rights that will keep you safe on the job.”

The WorkSafeBC Young Worker portal – for workers, employers, unions, educators, parents, and youth community groups

The Young Workers Zone – from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety


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