Shake hands with danger

A guy at my local cafe told me to see this 1970 safety video described on YouTube as the Citizen Cane of safety films.

One website gives the following content advisory: “May be frightening and surprising to some viewers, and contains a great country-style song by a Johnny Cash-soundalike.”

Some YouTube commenters said they watched it in shop class and diesel college, which makes sense because the retro-feel detracts nothing from the film’s powerful safety message.


5 thoughts on “Shake hands with danger

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  2. ohs consulting

    I think this video conveys a powerful safety message in a quite funny way. Even though it was made in 1970 the message it expresses is still valid for today’s time. As a person who comes from a construction industry background I have seen people getting into trouble just being careless and this kind of videos are very valuable to educate them. Thanks for sharing this.


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