Spring is near but it’s still cold outside

Photo credit: Philip Chapman-Bell on Flickr

Photo credit: Philip Chapman-Bell on Flickr

Spring may be around the corner, but it’s still cold out. It’s easy to be deceived by the sunshine and dress in clothes that aren’t warm enough. That might not be too bad if you are walking outside in your neighbourhood, but if you are venturing into the wilderness – for work or recreation – you can’t be too casual about it.

“Even the best weather can change rapidly, and even the widest trail can be lost,” reads What to Bring from North Shore Search and Rescue. “It pays to take a little extra with you, just in case.”

This list from North Shore Rescue reminds us of 10 essential items – two of which are layers of clothing and a thermal blanket. Preparing yourself can cut your risk of hypothermia – a condition that can be “…particularly dangerous because a person may not know it is happening and won’t be able to do anything about it,” says the CDC’s Winter Weather: Hypothermia.

“Body temperature that is too low affects the brain, making the victim unable to think clearly or move well,” reads the CDC website.

About 80 Canadians die of hypothermia each year, according to the Canada Safety Council. This number is way too high – so do what you can to stay warm and be prepared. For more info on preventing and treating hypothermia, check out:

Cold Stress and Hypothermia – from WorkSafeBC

The Cold Facts on Hypothermia – from the Canada Safety Council

Cold-Related Emergencies: Staying Warm and Safe in Canadian Winters – from the Canadian Red Cross

Cold Environments – Health Effects and First Aid from the Canadian Centre of Occupational Heath and Safety

Hypothermia – from Transport Canada


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