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From "Alice" - runner-up in the Grade 8-10 category by students at Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver

From “Alice” – runner-up in the 2012 Grade 8-10 category by students at Lord Byng Secondary School, Vancouver

“It’s Your Job: What do you need to make it fair and safe?”

That’s the question posed to youth for the 2013 student safety video contest sponsored jointly by WorkSafeBC and the BC Employment Standards Branch.

The deadline for entries is Friday, April 5, 2013 at 5 p.m. – which means there’s lots of time for BC students in Grades 8 to 12 to have a video ready in time.

If you are a teacher – or you want to suggest this idea to a teacher – check out the contest rules and consider this advice from Brent Phillips-Watts, a teacher at Port Moody Secondary School, whose students have been contest winners in past years.

I asked Brent what he would say to teachers who are considering the contest for their classrooms.

“Don’t worry about having the best gear or most expensive equipment, it’s the message that makes an impact,” he said. “Spend some time on figuring out exactly what you want to say… They are at the age that many are looking to get a first job, and being reminded of their rights and the danger is a good thing.”

He described how students reacted when they won in past years.

“The students were of course very excited to win. We announce and present the award in front of a large group and they receive some great positive reinforcement, but because the school also receives some money towards new equipment, they are also excited to see what they have won for others to use,” Brent said. “I always let the entire class know that the ‘new Tripods’ are because of the contest and the winner’s names. This is nice because it’s a reminder that students in future classes have something to aim for, and that they get the appreciation from not just current students, but future ones too.”

Last year’s contest had the most participants ever, generating 66 YouTube entries that represented the work of 195 students from 135 schools.

Here’s a winning video created by Port Moody Secondary students last year – a real tear-jerker that actually made me cry when I watched it!


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