Student videos get the message across

What better way to deliver a safety message to youth than to let them craft it themselves? That’s what happened when 145 students from 19 BC schools participated in WorkSafeBC’s sixth annual student safety video contest. From 42 submissions came five winning entries – each excellent in its own way, with wacky teen humour, excellent editing, and powerful messages.

This year’s theme was “Overexposed: What you may not see can kill you”, resulting in videos on invisible hazards such as mould, silica, and dust as well the potential hazards of wearing iPods in the workplace.

That theme was chosen, says WorkSafeBC, in order to help raise awareness among youth that work behaviours today can affect their health tomorrow (in other words, not just old people get hurt and sick on the job). It looks like it worked.

Congratulations to all!


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