Supervising construction safely: a video

What do safety inspectors look for in a construction supervisor? See what inspectors tell carpentry students in this video from the Ontario Ministry of Labour. A construction supervisor is “the key person to make safety happen in a construction project,” says inspector Micheal Chappell, speaking on the video. “They’re there at the beginning, from the first worker until the last worker leaves.”

The countdown is on to Bridging the Gap in BC. The 2012 construction safety conference is November 22 to 24 in Richmond, so mark your calendars.


3 thoughts on “Supervising construction safely: a video

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    That is a great video! We also shared it on our blog! It is invaluable in demonstrating what actually happens during safety inspections. Presenting insights about what inspectors are looking for can be a great educational tool for companies seeking better ways to manage compliance.


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