Take the Ladder Challenge to win an iPad

Contest open til Aug. 31

Falls are a hazard for everyone in construction, but young workers seem to be especially vulnerable. That’s why WorkSafeBC developed the Ladder Challenge, an online game and contest to raise awareness of hazards associated with ladder use in residential construction.

Until August 31, BC residents aged 13 and over who complete the game are eligible to win an iPad. You get even more chances to win by passing the game on to coworkers, friends, and family.

I took the WorkSafeBC Ladder Challenge, and I have to admit I bombed pretty badly! It took me a couple of tries to complete the game, but I had fun checking out the jetpack among other things and I definitely learned something about ladder safety.

I don’t work with ladders myself, but I can imagine a day when I might have to climb one to paint a house or put up Christmas lights. Now I’ll be ready.

Apparently more than 10,000 people have entered the Ladder Challenge contest already. And one lucky person, 22-year-old Yada Charoensuk, has already won an iPad in an early-bird contest draw for youth. Yada played the game after her dad, Adrian Johnston, saw it on the WorkSafeBC website and told her about it.

Adrian said he could remember his own days as a young worker in roofing: “I was working with some real tough, older guys that I didn’t want to ask how to set up a ladder or anything like that. I can see games like this doing a lot of good.”

So, now I challenge you to test your own skills with the Ladder Challenge. If you do, please come back to this post and leave a comment telling about how it went for you.


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