Time to think about NAOSH Week


This year’s theme for NAOSH Week is “Safety & Health – What’s Your Plan?” and it runs from May 1 to 7.

“We encourage participants in Safety & Health Week to use this question to focus on what it is that aids people in ensuring they know what to do, and how to keep themselves and others safe,” says BC Rapid Transit Company Ltd‘s Buck Page, president of the NAOSH Week Steering Committee.

Need any ideas?

The NAOSH Week planning guide for BC is full of ideas, such as:

  • Organizing a family safety fair and picnic
  • Planning contests with safety-related prizes
  • Conducting a young worker safety presentation
  • Displaying a NAOSH Week banner in a prominent location in your community
  • Hosting a public open house using displays, videos, speakers, or demonstrations

Many NAOSH Week participants will enter to win awards, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about them in the fall. Good luck to all!


3 thoughts on “Time to think about NAOSH Week

  1. Andrew Cooper

    Hi Susan,

    Great article…and I love the BC poster and quote from Buck. Some feedback for your consideration…the 2011 theme for NAOSH Week is actually “What’s Your Plan?”. “How Safe Are You?”, was used in 2010.
    Have a great week!…Andrew


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