Trick-or-treaters get lesson in PPE

Republished from October 2010

October generally finds me and my offspring mulling over possible Halloween costumes. This year I came across an idea with a built-in “teachable moment” on workplace safety – construction worker. Not only is it a fun and visual costume for kids, it’s also a chance to gently introduce the importance of personal protective equipment.

The basic costume (plus my two-cents’ worth):

  • Painter or carpenter jeans – Preferred to shorts and skirts of course.
  • Thermal and/or flannel top – It’s good to maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Work boots – Steel-toed to protect from 2x4s (or jack-o’-lanterns).
  • Safety vest – Great for working around forklifts or traipsing around in the dark.
  • Tool belt – This keeps hands free for climbing ladders or shovelling candy into your mouth.
  • Cell phone – Young or old, beware the potential distraction factor!
  • Hard hat – Always a good idea to protect your head.

(Based on “How to Dress Like a Construction Worker” )

Maybe there’s a trick-or-treater at your house who could have some fun with this idea. (If so, I’d really love to see a photo). Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Trick-or-treaters get lesson in PPE

  1. Cookie98

    It is interesting that you put forward the PPE costumes. We purchased a construction and a firefighter costume for our grandchild. Both have reflective stripes and helmets (hardhats) which will make them visible on Halloween night. Great to see in more ways than one.

    1. susan Post author

      Thanks. Your grandchild is lucky to have such a thoughtful grandparent. I wish you all great fun on “the big night”!


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