What hazards do you face in your job?

I asked on Facebook: “What precautions do you take to stay safe at work? What ‘dangers’ do you face at your job?”

As I expected, some interesting answers came from my network of contacts who work in many different industries.

Photo: Tom Hodgkinson on Flickr

Photo: Tom Hodgkinson on Flickr

My neighbour Chris, an archaeologist, said his safety precautions include: “tailgate meeting everyday to discuss things like ’don’t get hit by large mechanical equipment, don’t get eaten by wild animals, don’t get lost, try not to fall down’….and that’s not to mention the many dangers in the office!”

My brother – always the joker – is a substitute teacher in Lower Mainland high schools. He said his biggest safety risk is: “students throwing daggers. I have a shield.”

His response is an exaggeration, but he was actually assaulted (for lack of a better word) in a classroom recently in the UK when a student aimed a laser pen into his eye. And since my brother can only see out of one eye, this blinded him temporarily and he had to go to the hospital emergency. Luckily his sight came back to normal and he chose not to charge the student because it seemed like the young kid already had enough problems in life.

My cousin in England described a danger of her workplace: “Mice droppings on my desk (and everyone else’s desk) in the morning. Big YUCK!”

I’d love to hear from you about the hazards in your workplace and what you do about them. Please comment here, or send me an e-mail at speakingofsafety@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “What hazards do you face in your job?

  1. Monica (Nicki)

    I’ll give you my list of “owies” from the last year at the daycare. First getting burned by the oven, the element, or hot water, as well as cutting myself with a knife. All these are due to keeping an eye on multiple munchkins and always trying to ensure their safety and neglecting my own. Currently have an infection under the cuticle of my index finger that I seriously suspect is the result of multiple diaper changes. I twisted my ankle on the slip and slide when I was showing a toddler how to use it. I catch every cold, sniffle and flu bug that passes through this place which means I’m feeling icky maybe once, sometimes twice a month. Especially hard to avoid the bugs when the munchkins sneeze right in my mouth! I’m conscious of lifting with my legs and not my back with the constant carrying around of various kids of various sizes and attitudes. Also very cautious of pulled muscles for the same reasons. Biceps and shoulders were the biggest problem when I first started this job. This summer sun burns have been a concern because after putting it on 10 squirmy kids I either forget or just can’t be bothered to put it on me. Protection has been more consistent now that I’m using spray sunscreen and wearing a hat. It’s amazing all the little things that add up in this job. Much more than when I worked in an office and the biggest concern was a papercut or a sore neck from the computer! 🙂

    1. susan Post author

      Wow! That’s a lot of risks. Personally I imagine being most upset by risks of all the colds and bugs you pick up.

  2. ye xiao 葉小

    I am a Chinese woman. I marry a Canadian man and I come to Canada. I learn English from my husband and ESL teacher. My work is house cleaner. In many house I see hazard. Under sink I see bad chemical I do not know. Label in English and French not Chinese. Some chemical burn my skin. My husband buy rubber glove for me. I see more hazard in storage and on stair. Some box fall on me. Lose rail for hand and box on stair make me fall on stair. One woman she tell me go up ladder to clean light and window. I was afraid to fall. My husband say too many hazard in house I clean. I look for more safe job. Do you know a safe job for me?

    我是個中國女人 加拿大嫁 我來加拿大 我從我的丈夫和英語老師學英語 我的工作就是房子更清潔 在很多的房子裡我看到危險 根據接收器看壞的化學 我不知道 在英語中的標籤和法國不是中國 些化學燒傷我的皮膚 我的丈夫給我買了橡膠手套 我看到更多的危險 在存儲和樓梯上 些框落在我身上 失去鋼軌的手上樓梯 的框使我落樓梯 名女子 她告訴我去清潔光和視窗的階梯 我不敢落 我的丈夫說太多危險我打掃房子 我找更安全的工作 你知道我的安全作業了嗎


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