What’s wrong with this picture?

At least six hazards are shown in this photo from WorkSafe Magazine's Sept/Oct 2010 issue.

At least six hazards are shown in this photo from WorkSafe Magazine’s Sept/Oct 2010 issue.

Can you spot six hazards in this photo? WorkSafe Magazine invites you to spot the hazards and be eligible for a prize awarded to one person each issue. The magazine publishes as many responses as possible.

This photo challenge is drawing answers from as far away as Africa, Poland, India, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. Readers are asking for permission to reprint the photos and are cutting them out, laminating them, tacking them to bulletin boards, and sharing them online. Employers, health and safety organizations, and educational institutions are using them for training, safety meetings, and workplace contests.

Answers from the last issue

"What's wrong with this photo?" from WorkSafe Magazine, July/Aug 2010

“What’s wrong with this photo?” from WorkSafe Magazine, July/Aug 2010

In July, when the magazine featured an excavation photo, I wrote out my own list of hazards. I checked them online today.

One thing I totally missed from the July/August 2010 photo was hearing protection. Of course that saw operates loudly enough to damage hearing. I didn’t notice the lack of side shields on the glasses – which do not count as proper safety glasses. Hearing and eye protection are important factors I will watch out for next time I take the challenge.

The story behind the photos

I’m so curious to talk with the safety officer who stages the photos with the mag’s editorial team. How do they get their ideas? Stay tuned for this story soon.

Congrats to WorkSafe Magazine on the popularity of this year-old feature!


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