Year-end wrap up for 2011

Photo credit: Be Not Forgot on Flickr

Photo credit: Be Not Forgot on Flickr

This is my last post for the year. I’m taking a break for the holidays, and will be posting again in 2012.

Please let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to explore in the new year.

I’m always looking for new stories to share, so please email me at

Top 5 posts of 2011

Here’s a quick redux of the Top 5 most-viewed posts of 2011.

Working in the hot sun

It seems funny to read this right now, in chilly December – but it was the most-read post of 2011. (These days, you’re better off reviewing Hypothermia: Surviving the Cold from WorkSafeBC.)

Santa’s safety tips

This post had thousands of visitors when it was published in December 2010 and people kept reading it well into 2011. It’s hard work for Santa to supervise all those energetic elves.

Reporting unsafe conditions

This story came from a friend who told me how she called her supervisor to stop two coworkers at risk of getting electrocuted while vacuuming a rental car.

Trick-or-treaters get lesson in PPE

This post shows how the construction worker costume is a fun and visual costume for kids that introduces the importance of personal protective equipment.

RCMP adds Cold Fire to arsenal

This post describes a biodegradable fire extinguishing agent that “take the heat out of fire” and is used by the RCMP’s emergency response team.

Happy New Year

Thanks for reading – and all the best in 2012.


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