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A new web-based tool provides health and safety information through a customized report. 

Photo of two workers reviewing information on an iPad at a construction site.

Photo credit: © WorkSafeBC (Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C.), used with permission

The first version of the My Health & Safety Resources tool from WorkSafeBC is live. It’s now easier for workers and employers to get health and safety information relevant to your industry.

This includes finding out which specific requirements of B.C.’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Workers Compensation Act are applicable to your workplace. It also helps you identify hazards and risks that may exist, and lists steps to take to manage these risks.

A diverse team made this first version possible after insights were gathered into the needs of workers and employers.

One of those team members includes Stacy Purewal, a WorkSafeBC occupational health and safety consultant. “In response, we came up with a design that is easy for users to navigate and provides a tailored experience.”

“We want to communicate that this is only the first version,” says Stacy. “Workers and employers have an opportunity to continue to shape this tool because we have surveys embedded within it. Their feedback will help continuously improve the tool so we can make it even more tailored to what our users want.”

Customized information for your workplace

Stacy indicated that some employers did not know which terms to use when searching for specific requirements relating to a particular work activity, hazard, or risk in the Regulation and Act. The tool provides information about requirements without making you do such searches.

After inputting details about your workplace within the tool, you can download a report as a PDF or an Excel workbook. The report will include links to information about health and safety requirements and selected health and safety topics relevant to your workplace. For each requirement, you’ll receives resources and/or sections of the Regulation and Act.

The data you provide will not be used by WorkSafeBC for inspection or compliance purposes.

Stacy states that the intention is to provide you with tailored health and safety information and resources through an easy-to-use tool. “We want it to empower workers and employers to find the information they need in an efficient manner, so they can identify and take actionable steps to make their workplaces safer.”

Thank you to Stacy for talking to me about this new tool.

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