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Photo of young child in winter gear, using skis on flat ground covered with snow, and nearby trees covered in snow

Consider the gift of safety for people on your shopping list this winter. Here are a few gift ideas for keeping people safe as we head into the year 2020.  In this post, here are a few gift ideas related to safety topics I’ve covered. Protection from cold weather Help people ward off the cold […]

Photo of man texting sitting at desk with laptop open

Workers using mobile devices for long periods are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) like “text neck” and would benefit from ergonomic intervention.  Recently, a friend told me how much he uses his smart phone for his work at a rental company. He uses it for managing transportation and shipping documents, rental agreements, and inventory […]

Photo of the outside of a motel office at night

Last spring, a B.C. motel worker was assaulted while working alone at night. Employers have specific responsibilities when it comes to lone worker safety.  In May 2019, a worker was assaulted, tied up, and robbed while working alone at night at the front desk of a Victoria motel. To prevent others from experiencing this type […]

Photo of newspaper opened to Jobs ads, with cup of coffee and pair of glasses on the table.

Today’s labour shortage means workers have lots of employers to choose from. Employers with good health and safety programs are more likely to attract them.  Attracting qualified workers is a challenge for many industries today. Recently I spoke with Lisa McGuire, CEO of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance (the Alliance), about what this challenge looks like […]

Photo of roadside sign saying Welcome to British Columbia, in Mount Robson Provincial Park

It’s now easier for staff at immigrant-serving organizations to share information about workplace health and safety in B.C. with new immigrants and refugees.  In 2016, the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) opened the ISSofBC Welcome Centre in East Vancouver for newcomers, including immigrants and refugees. The centre is the first integrated service facility of […]

Photo of mobile coffee service and information booth for Actsafe

The Actsafe team gave out free coffee and talked about safety orientations with workers at studios and workplaces during its 2019 Injury Prevention Week.  As part of Actsafe’s Injury Prevention (AIP) Week, a team from Actsafe used a travelling “safety café” to hand out coffee and talk about safety with workers around Metro Vancouver. While […]

Photo of worker wearing white kevlar suit and respirator spraying pesticide onto shrub

An AgSafe safety advisor is reminding employers about how important it is to choose the right respirators for their workers and to ensure they fit properly.  During this past summer, Emily Kerr, safety advisor with AgSafe, the health and safety association for the agriculture industry, shared this safety message on Twitter: “I’d like to take […]

Photo of person's feet wearing shoes outfitted with outfitted with insoles that measure weight-bearing activity

A new research study looks at the connection between being on your feet for long periods and painful foot conditions — something I know all too well.  Plantar fasciitis (PF) is an inflammation of the “plantar fascia,” a thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes — and I have first-hand knowledge […]

Photo of children in Halloween costumes out trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween and many people will be walking, driving, or handing out candy. Please keep these safety tips in mind.  Trick-or-treating was serious business when I was a kid! We spent many hours at it, amassing huge bags of goodies. Even if your neighbourhood doesn’t see a lot of trick-or-treaters, […]

Photo of woman in orange apron, standing in her flower shop, surrounded by plants and blooms

Occupational health and safety can be overwhelming for many small businesses. Small Business BC helps steer them in the right direction.  A June 2019 story in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine describes how small business owners across Canada often don’t know where to start when it comes to workplace health and safety. Here in B.C., 98 […]