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Photo of a rear winter tire of a car driving on a snow covered road

Here’s some advice for anyone who needs new winter tires — including what type of tires to get, when to use chains, and why stock in stores may be low.  Winter tires are an investment in safety — for you, your family and friends, and others sharing the road. Tires with adequate traction are essential […]

Photo of Mitchell Martin, tow truck driver and owner of Mitchell's Towing, standing at the door of his tow truck.

Communication, training — and math — are all key for the crews who recover and lift heavy-duty vehicles from challenging terrain.  It’s a heavy responsibility that requires advanced math skills. “When you have a 100,000-pound load suspended in the air by a tow truck and have to move it as well, what kind of forces […]

Photo of school children crossing the road while cars are stopped.

As students head back to school and many people return to work, remember to share our roads safely and watch out for people working in the Cone Zone.  It’s that time of year again: Students are going back to school. And this year many people are returning to their offices after working from home. If […]