VIDEO: Respect the cone zone

Can you imagine what it’s like to work on a roadside? Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to picture. That’s why WorkSafeBC created this new video that gives people a glimpse into the danger of this work.

Too often, drivers are annoyed by delays or preoccupied with their own journey, and they forget they’re in control of a two-ton piece of metal passing through someone else’s workplace. Between 2005 and 2014, 15 workers were killed and another 223 were injured from being hit by a motor vehicle while working on or beside the road.

Drivers need to wake up to the reality that the road is a workplace for these workers they pass. This video is part of the ongoing Cone Zone campaign to remind drivers to slow down, and to remind employers that they’re responsible for the safety of these workers. Please watch this video and share it with your contacts.

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