Vote for your favourite student safety video by March 28

Watch and vote for your favourite video in WorkSafeBC’s 2017 student safety video competition. This year’s theme is “Speaking up for safety.” 

student announcing safety video contest through megaphone

You still have time to watch and vote for your favourite student safety videos in this annual contest held by WorkSafeBC.

The theme for 2017 is What do you do? What do you say? — two very important questions we need to answer for ourselves. We know it’s important to speak up, and we will be more ready to do so if we have chosen our approach in advance.

I wrote about speaking up recently in my post Speaking up for safety in student video contest, in which I told you about a worker who told his site safety officer about a co-worker who came to work drunk. He felt sorry for the guy, who obviously had problems, but the safety of everyone else was paramount.

I’ve always loved watching the student safety videos because of their fresh — and often hilarious — approach to a very serious topic. After years of getting warnings from adults, they have this opportunity to create and distill a message of their own. So have a look — and cast your vote!


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