New way to put out farm fires

Photo credit: John Oxton on Flickr

Photo credit: John Oxton on Flickr

Canadian farmers have a new line of defence against fires, just in time for Canadian Agriculture Safety Week March 11 to 17. Cold Fire Canada, who I wrote about last year, just released a portable fire extinguisher that can be suspended from any ceiling. In case of fire, the unit releases a unique, biodegradable agent that “takes the heat out of fire,” as you will see in the video below (published on YouTube in 2008 during its R&D phase).

I asked Grant Pearson, president of Cold Fire Canada, to tell me more.

“The unit in the video is unique as it is totally self contained,” Grant said, via LinkedIn message. “No electricity, no water hook-up – just hang it in your barn or wheat silo or remote storage, and it will extinguish when the built-in heat sensor reaches 135 degrees F. It contains 12 liters of Cold Fire and will cover 138 sq ft. As you can see it is extremely effective at putting out the fire, is 100% environmentally safe (for live stock etc..) and leaves no mess.”


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  1. Nicole

    Very interesting! I’d never heard of this before. I’m always interested to see how safety can benefit from ingenuity. Thanks for another great post, Susan!


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