Student video stops the bully in his tracks

Stopping bullies is a favourite theme of mine. Seeing them called on the carpet, stopped in their tracks, and made to eat their words. Oh, no you don’t, bully. That’s not cool. Not this time!

This sentiment is captured in “Billy and the Beast” – the winner of the Grade 8 to 10 category of WorkSafeBC’s 2015 Student Safety Video Contest. It’s made by students from SelfDesign, a home- and community-based learning program with students all over BC.

Birds chirping and beautiful scenery add to this story about Billy, a new hire harassed by The Beast. The senior worker later says he was “just having some fun” when the foreman calls him out on it.

“It seems you’ve been bullying these kids,” says the foreman in the video, who calls the behaviour a “serious violation of workplace practices regulations…just as serious as any other workplace violation.”

Here. Just watch it for yourself, then watch all the other student safety videos that won as well. They’re super-creative and well done – with lots of views from people who voted for their faves posted on YouTube. Congrats to all!


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