Are you as good a driver as you think you are?

Driving is a part of everyday life for many, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Are you a safe driver? Test your knowledge with this driving test from ICBC. 

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We probably all think we’re pretty safe drivers, but how safe are we really?

Taking ICBC’s Drive Smart Refresher Test is one way to see how safe your driving is. I tried the free 20-question test myself and am relieved to say I got 80 percent. That’s the minimum score required for passing the test to get your learner’s license.

But I’m determined to do better. Thanks to the test results, I know which parts of the Learn to Drive Smart Guide I need to review.

Refresh your knowledge, shed bad habits

ICBC reports there were 350,000 crashes in 2017, which adds up to about 960 a day. With numbers like this, it’s good to see how many people took the refresher test: more than 45,000 in the first three weeks since its launch. According to ICBC: “If the refresher test were treated like the knowledge test, which requires a minimum score of 80 percent to obtain a learner’s licence, over 18,000 (40 percent) would have failed.”

Lindsay Matthews, ICBC’s interim vice-president responsible for road safety, says, “No matter how many years of experience you have under your belt, we can all benefit from shedding bad driving habits and refreshing our knowledge.” (Read more in this press release.)

My friends also took the test and it was fun to compare answers and where we went wrong. I encourage you to take it and let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.

Do you drive during a shift at work?

Thousands of workers in B.C. drive as part of their jobs. This includes couriers, truck drivers, sales people, community health workers, utility workers, and many more. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in B.C. That’s why it’s so important for all of us to keep road safety top of mind.

Check out Driving for work from WorkSafeBC for more online tools and road safety resources. Also see these online safe driving courses available for free from Road Safety at Work.


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