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Photo of worker wearing white kevlar suit and respirator spraying pesticide onto shrub

An AgSafe safety advisor is reminding employers about how important it is to choose the right respirators for their workers and to ensure they fit properly.  During this past summer, Emily Kerr, safety advisor with AgSafe, the health and safety association for the agriculture industry, shared this safety message on Twitter: “I’d like to take […]

Photo of yellow nonslip rubber safety matting

Improved slip-resistant mat technology can help prevent fall injuries. Here are things for employers to consider when looking for mats for their workplace.  This is part two of a focus on slips, trips, and falls. Check out last week’s post, Getting a grip on slips and trips in manufacturing. Each year in B.C., close to […]

Photo of a fishing boat with snow-covered mountains in the background

To prevent drowning, crewmembers on B.C. fishing vessels are now required to wear PFDs or lifejackets whenever they are on the deck.  Fishing is a unique occupation with safety concerns unlike any other. “The reality of working on a commercial fishing vessel will never change, in terms of the risk of working on the water,” […]

Different styles of earplugs in a person's hands

Hearing loss affects all aspects of life. A new video series from WorkSafeBC shows how workers in different industries can be affected by noise exposure.  When we think about work-related noise exposure, we usually picture workers using loud machines in industries like construction and manufacturing. But noise-induced hearing loss affects people in other industries too. […]

Drawing of a drill press with labelled parts

In the past five years, more than 60 workers in B.C. were injured by drill presses. One safety officer says education is key to preventing such incidents.  Mark Phifer, an occupational safety officer (OSO) with WorkSafeBC, has been doing inspections and attending incidents at B.C. workplaces for almost 20 years. Many of those incidents involved […]

Photo of the back of a concrete pumper truck

How can we keep workers safe near reversing vehicles and equipment? Along with backup alarms, we need more solutions for preventing injuries.  Struck-by incidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in B.C. workplaces. From 2001 to 2018, 16 workers died when they were pinned, struck, or run over by mobile equipment or vehicles […]

Photo of worker putting high-visibility tape on the back of a truck

The week’s theme focused on safety when working at the back of vehicles. To reach out to workers, the Actsafe team visited film sets around B.C.  Working at the back of vehicles is one of the most significant hazards for workers in the film industry. That’s why Actsafe (the health and safety association for B.C.’s […]

Photo of mountain road with snow and ice

You’ll soon see signs about vehicles needing chains and winter tires when driving on B.C. highways this fall and winter. Are you prepared?  Even though summer is barely over, it’s not too early to prepare yourself or your workers for driving on wintry roads. If you drive a commercial vehicle, this means you will need […]

Photo of a ski guide wearing behind-the-head earmuffs, along with a helmet

Summer is a good time for heli-ski guides to figure out the best hearing protection for wearing with helmets to minimize exposure to hazardous noise levels.  Heli-ski guides have many things to keep in mind when it comes to safety – one of which is how to protect their hearing. Most of heli-ski guides’ exposure […]

Photo of man with vision problems with his face almost touching laptop screen

Vision dictates your whole posture. If you can’t see properly, you tend not to sit properly. This can lead to eye fatigue, neck pain, and injury.  Say “office ergonomics” and we tend to think about adjusting our chairs, keyboards, and monitors. But let’s not forget about our vision. Emma Christensen is a corporate ergonomist with […]